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KICA - Ontario Curriculum

Verbs used to assign activities in lessons organized by Ontario Curriculum categories.

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of KICA - Ontario Curriculum

Knowledge and Understanding Knowledge - subject-specific content
list, define, label, name, recall, record, specify, memorize, collect, match, identify, tell, cite, bullet pointing, highlight, bookmark, add to favourites, google, search
Understanding - comprehension of the content’s meaning and significance.
restate, summarize, discuss, describe, explain, retell, express, interpret, infer, paraphrase, advanced search, tweet, comment, annotate, subscribe Inquiry/Thinking The use of critical and creative thinking skills/ processes such as planning skills (e.g. research), processing skills (e.g., analysis), critical/creative thinking processes (e.g., inquiry, problem solving).
analyze, evaluate, compare, arrange, interpret, investigate, debate, differentiate, question, examine, judge, classify, organize, hypothesize, critique,experiment,test, detect, monitor, review,validate, reverse engineer,crack, media clipping, integrate, refactoring, moderate, collaborate The use of knowledge and skills to make connections within and between various contexts.
solve, interview, simulate, apply, employ, use, show, experiment, utilize, apply, demonstrate, employ, implement, carry out, execute, run, load, hack, upload, share, edit The conveying of meaning through various forms, such as oral, written, or visual communication.
chart, graph, report, express, design, construct, plan, produce, invent, devise, program, film, animate, blog, video blog, mix, re-mix, wiki, publish, videocast, podcast, direct, broadcast,
Examples: presentations, role-playing, journals, models, drawings, skype, breeze session, recordings, music, photographs, blogs, video, prezi, power point, KICA Verbs for Designing Activities Application Communication M.J. Black, KiHS
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