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Fallen Fruit


alexandra julian

on 25 October 2009

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Transcript of Fallen Fruit

Fallen Fruit “Public Fruit” is the concept behind the Fallen Fruit, an activist art project which started as a mapping of all the public fruit in our neighborhood. Using fruit as their lens, Fallen Fruit investigates urban space, ideas of neighborhood and new forms of located citizenship and community. From protests to proposals for new urban green spaces, Fallen Fruit aims to reconfigure the relation between those who have resources and those who do not, to examine the nature of and in the city, and to investigate new, shared forms of land use and property. They ask all individuals to contribute their maps so they expand to cover the United States and then the world. Fallen Fruit encourages everyone to harvest, plant and sample public fruit, which is all fruit on or overhanging public spaces such as sidewalks, streets or parking lots. Over time their projects have expanded from mapping public fruit to include Public Fruit Jams in which community members are invited to bring homegrown or public fruit and join in communal jam making; Nocturnal Fruit Forages, nighttime neighborhood fruit tours; Community Fruit Tree Plantings on the margins of private property and in community gardens; Public Fruit Park proposals in Hollywood, Los Feliz and downtown LA; and Neighborhood Infusions, taking the fruit found on one street and infusing it in alcohol to capture the spirit of the place. They believe fruit is a resource that should be commonly shared, like shells from the beach or mushrooms from the forest. Fallen Fruit has moved from mapping to planning fruit parks in under-utilized areas. The goal: to get people thinking about the life and vitality of our neighborhoods and to consider how we can change the dynamic of our cities and common values. Fallen Fruit have said that fruit “as a media” is interesting to them because it is trans-historical and crosses all classes, ages and ethnic groups. It is seen as a symbol of goodness, bounty and generosity, and it is the food that appears most often in art. This is in part because of its symbolic values, but also its aesthetic qualities of form, color and depth. In addition, fruit is the most commonly exchanged gift of food, and thus can serve as an allegory for many social relationships formed or characterized by exchange. Fruit both represents both something ordinary or everyday and something special. A SPECTER is haunting our cities: barren landscapes with foliage and flowers, but nothing to eat. Fruit can grow almost anywhere, and can be harvested by everyone. Our cities are planted with frivolous and ugly landscaping, sad shrubs and neglected trees, whereas they should burst with ripe produce. Great sums of money are spent on young trees, water and maintenance. While these trees are beautiful, they could be healthy, fruitful and beautiful. WE ASK all of you to petition your cities and towns to support community gardens and only plant fruit-bearing trees in public parks. Let our streets be lined with apples and pears! Demand that all parking lots be landscaped with fruit trees which provide shade, clean the air and feed the people. FALLEN FRUIT is a mapping and manifesto for all the free fruit we can find. Every day there is food somewhere going to waste. We encourage you to find it, tend and harvest it. If you own property, plant food on your perimeter. Share with the world and the world will share with you. Barter, don't buy! Give things away! You have nothing to lose but your hunger! Fallen Fruit is David Burns, Matias Viegener, and Austin Young Political work that’s about activism
that promotes change, not criticism
– Fallen Fruit

David Burns, Matias Viegener, and Austin Young
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