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A tale of two cities

Book review

ashley mills

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of A tale of two cities

A Tale of Two Cities BY: Ashley Mills Setting The setting takes place in Paris, France and London, England in 1775-1793. Main Characters Charles Darnay Charles is the son of the Marquis, a wealthy and powerful man of England. The revolutionaries saw Charles as an enemy because he was related to the Marquis because the Marquis hated the lower class and treated them like dirt. Dr. Manette Dr. Manette is the father of Lucie Manette, Charle's wife. He wrote a letter about the Evremondes, recalling how they stole Madame Defarge's sister. Since, the Evremondes were related to Charles, he was put on trial and sentenced to death. Madame Defarge Madame Defarge is the killer in disguise. She is she one plotting all the murders that have been occuring. She has a secret hit list that nobody knows about. She is the fire that fuels the revolution. Sydney Carton Sydney Carton starts out as somebody who doesn't feel he has a point in life. He has low self esteem and has a drinking problem. Later in the story, he sacrafices himself for Darnay, and finally feels like he was doing something right. Plot The plot is based on how the lower class is sick and tired of the economy being just black and white. No middle class what so ever, you're either wealthy or dirt poor. This angers the lower class and this confrentation is what sparks the start of the French Revolution. Opinion on ATOTC... A Tale of Two cities wasn't my favorite book, but it did educate me more on the topic of the French Revolution. It was pretty confusing keeping up with all the characters, but in the end everything fell into place. I really liked how Carton sacraficed himself for Darnay. That was one of my favorite parts. Also how Madame Defarge was the secret killer. At the begining of the book i would of never guessed that. I enjoyed how I could never predict what was going to happen next.
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