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Ahmad Zu'bi

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of IFMSA-Jordan

EMR12 OC Structure

EMR12 OC structure consists of many subdivisions, till now, two positions have been assigned:
-Logistics Director
Application for
Hosting the 12th EMR

EMR12 Tentative dates
Pre-EMR: 24th, Jan - 27th, Jan / 2016
EMR: 27th, Jan - 31st, Jan / 2016
Post-EMR: 1st, Feb - 4th, Feb / 2016

Country: Jordan
City: Irbid
Venue: Sedrh Palace Hotel
Hotel: Sedrh Palace Hotel
Initial budget
What we can tell you about the theme:
It is about a major problem in the region
Each NMO is concerned with its concept
Each NMO has its role in solving this problem
It is not disease, but it is a major cause
It becomes a phenomena
It has an impact on each standing committee
A suggested regional program is our gift to IFMSA
IFMSA-Jo started its work back in 2006 with one local committee
Now, IFMSA-Jo consists of four local committees
Hosted EMR 8 in January 2012
Organized SCORP camp in 2014
Organized 6 National General Assemblies
The sixth National General Assembly was attended by more than 350 students
Jordan is one of the easiest countries to travel to in terms of visas since only 3 countries require ones
Jordan is exceptionally easy for Palestinians to travel to
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Venue: Regency Palace Hotel
Hotel: Golden Tulip Grand Palace Hotel
Travel and Transportation
most comfortable
way to travel to Jordan is the Aviation from all countries in the region except for Palestine.

Palestine has one way to travel to Jordan using land transportation (buses), Jordan is the easiest country for Palestinians to travel to.

will be provided for free:
• Airport – Accommodation site – Airport
• Social activities

Accomodation and the meeting will be in the same place.
Visa to The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
There are only three Countries requiring prior visa clearance for their:
Iran , Iraq, Morocco (age 18-35).

• The OC will be contacting official ministries in Jordan for any required additional documents for the delegates who require prior visa

Welcome to Jordan
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