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Vampire Presentation

No description

Devin Brownell

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Vampire Presentation

Vampires Types of Vampires
The 3 types of vampires i found were; Immortal, Mortal and Psychic Vampires. How To Create New Vampires Early History And Myth
One myth about vampires, is that they cannot see themselves in a mirror, and that they also drink blood, but why would they have to drink blood if they're already dead? Also vampires sleep in coffins. Powers Weaknesses Historical Vampires There are many powers a vampire can have, depending on who tells you, when i think vampire powers i think fast, strong, bat transformation and immortality. To become a vampire, you have to bitten by one, but not killed in the process.
Some of the weaknesses vampires have are garlic, stakes to the heart, crosses, holy water and of course, sunlight. Starting with Lilith who was thought to be the first vampire, then Dracula who is probably the most famous vampire, and much more.
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