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Bilingual Education Advantages & Disadvantages

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Brayan Pacheco

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Bilingual Education Advantages & Disadvantages

Ricardo Sierra
Bilingual Education is beneficial
Project Idea
Community Mentor
Mr. Scrufari
Advantages & Disadvantages
Bilingual Education
Bilingual Education
My younger brother was having difficulty learning two languages at once

Subject is relevant and relatable
Advantages and Disadvantages of Bilingual Education in young kids who speak Spanish at home and English at school.
One specific study traced the learning progress of more than 2,000 Spanish-speaking students over the course of four years. This experiment showed that students in bilingual classes or programs that featured a gradual transition to English significantly outperformed their counterparts in quick-exit transitional bilingual programs.

Through researching the advantages and disadvantages of Bilingual Education I realized that, locally, not much is being done to improve the learning process of students in these ESL classes. I decided to create a video in which I interview students and ask for their opinions on the subject.
Skills and Knowledge
Social skills and energy played a major role .

Personal Experience.

Witnessing my younger brother and friends.

Research on the topic.
Teaching a class for which a lesson plan is provided
Video in which I interviewed various students for their take on Bilingual Education.
1. Created a lesson plan that I followed and came up with a series of questions for the interviews.

2. Meeting with my mentor for his opinion on my lesson plan. After creating the questions I made sure the students getting interviewed agreed with the questions being asked

3. Teach a class of students at Rose Hill-Magnolia using the lesson plan that I created and recorded the interviews and edited it.
All together my products took 17 hours to complete

One of the things that I struggled with and had to step out of my comfort zone with was teaching a class and expressing my opinions on the subject to a group of people.

Work well with younger kids
Gained confidence and improved my social skills.
I also worked well with using my time efficiently


Work harder on my graduation paper to receive a better grade.
This experience was very eye opening

Advice for upcoming seniors: Do not procrastinate and use your time wisely. Choose something that interests you and you won't regret later on.
I would like to take this time to thank
My family
My friends
Mr. Scrufari

Special Thanks
Susan Chavez
Bridgett Cruz
Cindy Cortez
Jonathan Iraheta
Jorge Aguilar
Francis Lagos
Brayan Pacheco
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