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Bishr Aboobaker

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of grgrrgr


Number of students in a class
By: Bishr Aboobaker and Aymen Elboujarfaoui
Types of Schools
There are many types of schools in Pakistan, including public schools and private schools for those who can afford it. Some schools have really good technology similar to the U.S., whereas some don't even have chairs.
Languages Being Taught in Pakistan.

In this project Bishr and I are going to talk about the schools in Pakistan, the uniforms they wear, the languages that are taught, and how they differ with the U.S.
The Languages that are being taught in Pakistan is English,Urdu, Sindhi and also Arabic. The languages being taught are sometimes different depending in what province the school is.

Types of uniform worn
In Pakistan a boy would wear a white shirt with a tie and khaki pants. A girl would wear a skirt or khaki pants with a scarf. On PE days, both would wear white sports shoes and if there is no PE, they would wear dress shoes.
Hours in school
In Pakistan they have between 5-6 hours of school. Some schools get off earlier for Dhuhr prayer.
Types of Extra Curricular activities
There are many things to do after school. These activities include stage performances, boys' and girls' scouts, art clubs, community service, and many more. There are also sports teams for children to participate in.
Rooms and facilities in school
Some of the schools in Pakistan only have a couple of rooms, while others have a lot just like here in America. Many schools are very big, with auditoriums and even T/V rooms. There are also many activities and events for students to participate in. There are also prayer rooms for students to pray after school.
There are about 20 to 25 students in each class depending on the size of the school.
Comparison with the U.S.
Some schools in Pakistan are better than the schools in the U.S., but some schools are having difficulties because of poverty. Many of the children in Pakistan don't have access to education. In the U.S., people prefer public or charter schools, whereas in Pakistan, people prefer private schools.
We learned that Pakistan is not that similar to the U.S. People everywhere learn all most the same things and have same subjects. We hope that everyone in Pakistan that don't have access to education, go to schools and be something when they grow up.


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