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JJC will be the first choice.

No description

Amy Gray

on 24 October 2017

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Transcript of JJC will be the first choice.

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Strategic Goals
1. Provide education pathways that promote completion.
2. Improve data accessibility and integrity.
3. Collaborate with employers and the community.
4. Improve community awareness and strategic marketing.
5. Improve internal communications.

JJC will be the first choice.
Focus on Opportunities:
Education pathways
Increase Enrollment
New program development
Retention programs
Add-on programs (i.e. MRI, CT)
Incumbent training programs
Increase online offerings
Enhance dual enrollment
Personally developed leads (PDL) campaign
Improved Perception
Broadcast amazing results!
Lead service learning projects.
Join community organizations.
Invite partners to campuses.
Join accrediting bodies as evaluators or board members.
JJC leads the way!

Focusing on Opportunities
for Joliet Junior College

Amy Gray

Community Engagement
Partner with employers or universities for grant opportunities
Develop incumbent worker programs
Provide CEUs/CMEs for community and clinical partners
Increase social media presence
Develop humanitarian projects
Establish pipelines to JJC with area high schools
Create affiliation agreements with four-year institutions
Develop stackable credentials
Develop pipelines with healthcare providers for placement
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