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The New Opportunity

No description

Tareq Aldossary

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of The New Opportunity

The New Opportunity


Second Cover Letter
Ryan Deguire
4000 Rojas
El Paso, Texas, 79925


To Whom It May Concern

Re: Assistant Computer Programmer

I am writing to apply for the Assistant/Computer Programmer, position as advertised on the website indeed.com.

I am an enthusiastic and high-achieving B.S in information Technology student who has completed a Bachelor of Computer Science. I have exceptional technical and analytical skills, with experience in software development, data analysis, database management, information system support, security, network and server support, business analysis, enterprise application integration, program configuration, testing and evaluation, which I have gained in the last year and a half with two internships with data processing.

My skills also encompass ICT project support and strategy, ICT procurement and contract management, client liaison and relationship management – skills which I developed during my time at Cyber-sphere. These experiences were invaluable in allowing me to develop and apply my skills in a professional context.

I am eager to pursue a successful career in Insights Systems, and the Assistant Computer Programmer position is perfectly aligned with my skills and interests. I hope to find challenging and fulfilling work that will allow me to further my expertise while working within a team and growing with the organization.

You will find me to be a positive, motivated, and hard-working person who is keen to learn and contribute. My technical skills are combined with excellent communication skills that allow me to work effectively and positively and get along well with others.

I believe that I have the right skills and experience to be a great fit for this position. My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

Kind regards

Ryan Deguire

After the company analyzed months of Ryan's work they finally decided to gave him the opportunity of working some months as a Computer Analyst Programmer to see if he had the the necessary skills to be in that position. They noticed that he was made for that position and that he was giving his best efforts to stay in their company for years and years achieving their goals and also maintaining the company on top of the other ones from Atlanta. Now he has been working for that company 25 years and he had gained certifications and honors from that company and earning more income than he expected.
Scenario Sequence 3
Ryan was student from the University of Texas that earned a B.S. in Information Technology, in the last year-and-a-half he has completed two internships with data processing companies in the state of Texas.
Like everybody else he wants to achieve different goals for a better future, one of them is to enroll in the fall in Capella University to complete an online graduate courses and earn an M.S. in Information Technology.
The other goal is to find a good job that can support all his needs, while he was searching the website indeed.com he found a corporation that has a vacancy for a computer systems analyst.
Ryan was looking for a job in a web page called indeed.com and he notices that there was a vacancy for a Computer Systems analyst in a corporation located in Atlanta, Georgia with an annual yearly salary of $85,000.
The cover letter
Ryan Deguire
4000 Rojas
El Paso, Texas, 79925

Insights Systems Inc.
1718 Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 873-0058

Dear Hiring Manager:
This letter is to express my interest in discussing the Computer Systems Analyst position that recently was published at indeed.com at the Insights Systems Inc. for which I’d like to offer my services. It has been a long standing dream of mine to work with Insights Systems Inc. since the company’s inception in 2010 – since then I have been following your projects religiously. Now, I want to put my skills abilities to contribute to your continuing success.

My certification in Information Technology along with two years of data processing has made me more than ready to work at this position and provide much professionalism in managing alternate technical solutions and customer services. With a great aptitude to analyze information processing needs of a company and design relevant computer systems by using structured analysis and information engineering, I am confident of my ability to bring a company to its zenith where systems needs are concerned. Using my expertise in defining the goals of existing and proposed system, I am able to adopt logical operation steps in order to maintain quality standards.

The opportunity presented in this listing is very appealing, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position.

The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

I have successfully designed, developed, and supported live use applications.
I am a self-starter.
Eager to learn new things.
Strive for continued excellence.
Provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers.

With a B.S. in Information Technology I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed. My experience includes but is not limited to:

Customer service and support
Programming both new applications and maintenance work
Problem isolation and analysis
Software quality testing
Application and requirement analysis
Process improvement and documentation

I would appreciate any time that you could possibly take out to discuss my project plans in detail for which I will call you at the end of the week. Please feel free to contact me at (915)456-9876 for any additional information regarding my expertise.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ryan Deguire

The Cover letter
Ryan has applied online for a job.
Ryan was interviewed via telephone
The interviewer asks Ryan about his reasons for leaving his recent place of employment.
Ryan will have to look for other good reasons for leaving his recent job to support him in the interview. He needs to find the perfect and right words that would not affect the interviewer's perspective about him and the decision that he would made. He answers the interviewer question with caution and right amount of information. Ryan uses communication skills with the interviewer that he learns from jobs search.com. This website gives him the ability to communicate and the best answers for interview questions.
He says there are many reasons for leaving; the main reason for leaving the recent job is the hostile work environment as well as too heavy a workload.
for Ryan

Ryan succeeded in his interview, weeks later he received a call from the company's interviewer tell him the good news that for the company he is a qualified prospect that will achieve their goals and will help them succeed in their business environment.
But not in the position that Ryan was applying for, the interviewer offered him the position of Assistant Computer Programmer. It was a hard decision for him to decide between the job that he was applying for or to get the one that they offered to him because it would involve earning a different income with some different concepts
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