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Adding Sound to Prezi

No description

Ben Miller

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Adding Sound to Prezi

It is easier than it sounds!
Adding Sounds to Prezi
Create your prezi layout exactly as you would with a PowerPoint Presentation or other Presentation.

Include pictures, animations, videos, etc.
Step 1 - Create a Prezi
This step is the "live presentation" that you would give to an audience. To create this, you can open a document and type exactly what you would say for the presentation.

Step 2 - Developing a script
As stated at the end of Step 2, you can record yourself during a live presentation and use an audio editing software to split the audio for use here.

The suggested method for a prezi presentation is to use an audio recording software to record your script. Each "slide" should be on a different track.

Step 3 - Recording Audio
Click on the Insert Menu item above.
Choose the "Add voice-over....." option
Select the file from your computer.

It's that simple!!
Step 4 - Inserting Audio
As an alternative, you could also give the presentation and record yourself. Then, using Audacity or some other audio editor, cut the audio for use here.
You also have the ability to add background sounds to your Prezi.

Choose the frame where the animation will begin.
Click on the Insert menu item above
Choose Add background sound
Find the file on your computer and click OK
Step 5 - Adding Background Sounds
After you have perfected your Prezi, share it with yourself, your friend, a group or the world.

Step 6 - Share your Link
Export the audio as mp3 to use in your Prezi.
Cantina Rag by Jackson F Smith
This is Text
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