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No description

Bara Tylcerova

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Paragliding

Claire Tylčerová and Huvarová Paragliding Welcome to our presentation. Outline basic information Basic information flying sport History Fausta Veranzia constructed a parachute Rules warm clothing we are going to talk about paragliding! history rules equipment famous people summary starting from the top of a hill flying up and down landing on a meadow air streams paragliding isn't very dangerous cloth and wood in the 14th century jumped from tower in Venezia and died André Jacques first successful jupm in some localities there are starting fees Equimpent paraglide variometer spare paraglide helmet variometer - výškoměr
spare - náhradní
helmet - helma pilot licence Famous people Our fathers summary not very dangerous flying sport famous pepole= there are specific rules Acrobatic paragliding Thank you for
your attention! Claire and Claire Do you have
any questions? Resources http://www.elspeedo.cz/paragliding/paragliding-el-speedo/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paragliding http://www.nepravidelna-slovesa.cz/ our fathers hill - kopec air streams - vzdušné proudy meadow - louka cloth - plátno successful - úspěšný Dalibor Carbol owner of the best flying school in the Czech Republic Renáta Künhová world champion 2010 Tomáš Brauner world champion 2011 member of Red Bull team there are specific rules - Dalibor Carbol, Renáta Künhová,
Tomáš Brauer safety, weather conditions,... owner - majitel member - člen safety - bezpečnost fees - poplatky
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