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Comparison Essay

No description

Steph Gorges

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Comparison Essay

Compare/Contrast Essays Compare & Contrast what they had in common
how were they different Prompt:
Compare and contrast the political and social aspects of ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. Thesis
What you plan to argue
how you plan to argue it Even though both Mesopotamia and Egypt had patriarchal societies, there were distinct differences in the roles women were allowed to play both socially and politically. Compare similarities & differences.

It says "one" - but you need 3. Rule of 3!

Analyze = WHY
Compare and contrast two of the following aspects of ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations - political structures, religious structures, or social hierarchies. Essay Rubric Prompt Essay
Organization Bad Idea: Where are you going to compare/contrast? OK Idea: Can work - but not always. Best Idea: Must pre-plan! Graded on your comparison/contrast
Supporting thesis with evidence
Analyzing reasons for similarities/differences Formatting Thesis/Opening Paragraph Social Political Similarities & Differences Similarities & Differences Conclusion with historical context Evidence Evidence Common Mistakes: Describing with great detail, but never contrasting/comparing.

Confusing dates/people/places

Running out of time - not finishing Although both Egypt and Mesopotamia developed at the same time, geography caused differences in political systems, religious beliefs, and social hierarchies. While both Egypt and Mesopotamia prospered under patriarchal societies, relationships and interactions between people of different social statuses differed greatly. Though geographical separation have made the cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt unique, they have common roots that made their political structures similar.
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