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Matrix Archetypes and Hero's Journey

No description

Austen Truslow

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Matrix Archetypes and Hero's Journey

The Matrix: Archetypes and Hero's Journey The Matrix
by Austen Truslow The Hero's Journey The Matrix is an interesting story that presents many unusual concepts. The movie takes place on earth; however, the earth is controlled by machines that were produced during the 21st century. The machines came up with the idea that humans can be made into energy sources like batteries. The humans are developed in little sectors, while their lives are mentally being simulated on the earth we are familiar with. This earth is called The Matrix. Neo Archetype: The Mentor
He is the leader of a group in the real world
Very strong, intelligent, brave
He is the one who chooses Neo. He believes in him more than anyone else
Unlike many other mentors, he does not fear his pupil outgrowing him. He wants Neo to become the most powerful and capable man.
Morpheus is the Greek mythological God of Dreams. It was his dream and prediction of the chosen one that enables him to accomplish his destiny. Morpheus Archetype: The lover
Trinity represents the Holy spirit of the Divine Trinity
She plays a big part in convincing Neo to join their group on the Nebuchadnezzar (The spaceship-like vehicle the group lived in)
The Oracle predicted her to fall in love with the Chosen one, Neo
She risks her life towards the end of the story to join Neo on his final mission to save Morpheus and defeat the agents Trinity Protagonist
Archetype: Messiah/Savior
A computer genius who is selected to join Morpheus' group
He is considered to be the chosen one. This means he is supposed to be able to free mankind from the false virtual world known as the Matrix The Oracle Archetype: The Magi/Phanes
A very wise woman who helps Neo on his journey
She supplies Neo with a knowledge of self purpose
She was wrong about one prediction. She told Neo that he was not the chosen one.
She was a co-creator of the Matrix, which gives her the characterisitcs and accomplishments of Phanes; the creator of the universe and life in Greek Mythology Cypher Archetype: Judas Iscariot/ Traitor
A Nebuchadnezzar member who becomes tired and depressed with life on the Nebuchadnezzar
He is bribed by Agent Smith. Agent Smith promises him a successful career as an actor in The Matrix if he turns Morpheus in.
He parallels the Biblical character Judas, who betrayed Jesus Christ
Like Judas, Cypher dies after the betrayal Mouse Archetype: Comus
He is the comic relief of the story
A computer whiz teenager who creates training programs for Morpheus
Means well
Perverted. He creates, "the woman in the red coat", who is like a simulated prostitute
Gets killed trying to help Neo Agent Smith Archetype: Antagonist/ Villain
He is Morpheus' Rival. He wishes to ruin his dreams and plans for the Matrix
Very powerful and almost impossible to defeat
Neo is the only one to ever overcome him
He is a program, not a person Agents Jones and Brown Very Dangerous
Not as unique or driven as Agent Smith, and work by his side The hero, Neo, embarks on an epic journey. He discovers his life in the Matrix is nothing but a pointless virtual reality, and wishes to free those who experience it with him. I. The Call to Adventure Neo receives a phone call from a mysterious person. The person tells him to follow the white rabbit in order to get what he wants. He was very hesitant at first, but once he saw the tattoo of a white rabbit on a girl's shoulder, he knew it was his destiny to follow. II. The Ordinary World Neo is introduced to Morpheus for the first time by Trinity. Morpheus is Neo's idol, and he is very honored to meet him. It turns out that Morpheus is more honored to meet him though. He gives Neo the news that he believes he is the chosen one. Morpheus gives him the option to join him and his crew or go back to his original life. The option is presented in the form of two pills. The blue pill will send Neo back to his original life. The Red pill will help him transform into one who will follow Morpheus. Neo chooses the red pill. This leads to him traveling to the new world; the real world. He will now begin his new life. III. Refusal of the Call Neo has been physically transformed in the new world. He has become more technologically advanced. He has had to go through body transformations, and experience a lot of pain. He quickly hates the new world. Morpheus then educates him on the nature of the real world and the Matrix. Neo becomes furious, and wishes he took the blue pill. Morpheus asks Neo if he will join on him on his journey to kill the Matrix and free the real world. With anger, Neo says that he cannot. He will later discover his fate will lead him to venture. IV. Mentor Morpheus becomes Neo's mentor. Morpheus teaches Neo the ways of the real world and the Matrix. He also shows Neo how to use his new physical abilities. Neo becomes amazed to discover that there is potential for him to control objects and have strength with his mind. It is similar to the force in Star Wars. Morpheus is originally much stronger and wiser than Neo, but that changes as the story progresses. V. Crossing the First Threshold Neo crosses the first threshold when he goes on his first virtual mission. At this point he has decided that he may be the chosen one and have the powers to fulfill Morpheus' destiny. During the first mission, Agents Smith, Jones, and Brown show up. Neo and the crew barely make it out alive. Mouse was killed during the mission. VI. Tests, Allies, Enemies Neo discovers who he can and cannot trust. He now knows that the most dangerous interferences are the agents. He has become close with the group on the Nebuchadnezzar. Hints of his future relationship with Trinity are apparent. He becomes suspicious of Cypher, who later betrays them. VII. The final Mission Neo and the Nebuchadnezzar squad go on their final mission. The mission goes poorly rather quickly. Morpheus is captured by the agents, and is given a drug that is very similar to truth serum. Also, Cypher turns on the group, killing two members Tank and Dozer. Cypher then pulls the plug on Apoc and Switch. He was about to pull the plug on Neo when a miracle happened. Tank comes back to life and kills Cypher. Neo and Trinity then find their way to safety and collect themselves. VIII. Return with the Elixir Neo, Tank, and Trinity are back together in the Nebuchadnezzar. Tank and Trinity think they have to pull the plug on Morpheus in order to save the mission and hope for the real world. Tank was just about to pull the plug when Neo claimed he wanted to go back into the mission to rescue Morpheus. In order to rescue Morpheus, Neo would have to defeat the three agants and hundreds of armed military men. The objective was basically impossible. As Neo is getting ready to go back into the mission, Trinity says she wants to go. This decision shows her love for Neo as well as her admirtion for Morpheus. Neo is hesitant, but allows Trinity to join him. IX. The Ultimate Test Trinity and Neo reach the building where Morpheus was being held. In order to capture him, they had to go through at least one hundred armed military men and defeat the three agents. Neo was able to find his true powers and potential, and they were successful in retrieving Morpheus. Morpheus and Trinity make it back to the Nebuchadnezzar safely, but Neo is unable to find it to a safe place to transfer back. X. Risk and Reward Neo must reach a safe spot in order to survive and transfer back into his real body. The problem is, the three agents are chasing him. He has already discovered the powers he had been searching for, but has not been able to fully apply them yet. He is cornered by the agents, and is shot in the chest. He dies brutally; however, his fate bought him back to life. He then goes after the agents. He finds the power to stop moving bullets and fight faster than the agents are capable of. He kills the agents, and finds his way to a safe area. The fight with Agent Smith was brutal, but in the end fate was on Neo's side.
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