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Mayan Project

The Mayan Number System and MATH!

Samantha Henry

on 23 May 2010

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Transcript of Mayan Project

Numbers 0-9 Numbers 10-19 Specialty Numbers It's a base-20 number system By: Henry Jiang and Samantha Fett The Mayan Number System Combind numbers together how can you make 100 using only these numbers? Simple.
What is this? Answer: 100 Judging from what you've seen...
The line above the "shell" figure
represents "5" if you look back at
the chart. Then, the shell itself
represents the number 20. Therefore,
20x5=100!! You could've never known
that the shell is 20 because there is... If there is a "shell" which represents "0" with
another symbol like a "line," then the shell
basically means to multiply your "line" by 20.
For instance....
A SPECIAL RULE! An example....
It was hard to draw...
However, it's supposed to be
3 dots over a "shell." The answer to this question is 60.
Why? It's because the number 3 (the dots)
is multiplied by 20 because of the special
"shell" rule. When there's a zero on the bottom,
multiply by 20! Ok so now that you know how
to count, let's get into the history
of the mayan number system. Q: WHEN WAS THIS USED?! By who?

A: The Mayan number system was
used during the 3rd-4th century B.C. even
though the actual mayans date back
to even 2000 B.C. Only the Mayan
civilization used this system even though
they were the only out of the 5 major indian
groups to understand the concept of zero.
Either other civilizations didn't WANT to
use this system, it was too complicated, or
they have just never heard of it... Bibliography (this is written portion as well)


Obviously, the Mayans used
this number system. People dont
use it nowadays or people RARELY
use it to be general. However, this
way of doing mathematics has gone
extinct since the Europeans and the
rest of the world invented the actual
numerals and computations...rather
than drawings on stone tablets and
walls. Why is this used? why is it base 20?

People believed that the reason the
Mayans used this system was because
of their weather. They lived in such a
warm area, shoes weren't usually
necessary (that must hurt..). However,
since they didn't wear shoes, they needed
a handy dandy way of counting, in this case
their toes and fingers which just so happen
to add up to...20! We (the people) assume
this is the reason why the Mayans made the
system base 20. How did such an old civilization
create such a sophisticated, creative,
way of counting? First up, the mayan number system is called a vigesimal system
because it is a base 20 number system, rather than a base 10. no
person know exactly WHY the mayans wanted to create a number
system in the first place, but we assume that they needed a solidified
way to count and calculate. after all, the mayans are the people who
accurately counted the number of days in a solar year. they also made
many predictions. however, it is believed that they created the system
for calendar, dates, etc. purposes rather than just plain out calculations.
AND NOW...... Practice problems! We will do problems with mulitplication,
addition, subtraction, AND DIVISION... Addition First... 1. However, this can be re-written as: This is equal to 7+13= 20! BUT WAIT! BUT WAIT...again.. How about horizontal AND verticle addition?
Of course there's a way of doing it... Wow..this looks familiar..JUST WRITE IT
HORIZONTALLY/VERTICALLY! Now for subraction! Our beautiful presenter will explain these...although it
is quite simple for our HONORS class of course.. BUT WAIT! Yay! Multiplication time! The Mayans incorporate multiplication
into many things because it is a base 20
system, but we (samantha and I) won't go
deep into the multiplication process because
of its deep complexity. It's too much for a
short presentation like this, but...they have
multiplication tables too! Here's a basic question..Multiplication is
completely possible using the Mayan system. Division is possible as well, it's just
the same way we do in math, but with
symbols. Long division is possible
as well but once again, it
will take too long to explain
and we are limited on time.. Fun Facts!
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