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Why do cats purr?

No description

Gwendolyn Ockerbloom

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Why do cats purr?

yes big cats and small cats purr
An interesting fact
a cats purr helps it recover from an injury faster!
Words to know


purring cat
hungry kitty!
As we all know
cats purr when it is happy!
As you figured out
A cats purr can express many different feelings
cats purr to sooth themselves
Why do cats purr?
Do all cats purr?
this cat is tired from hunting. It is probably breathing heavy and purring
By :Gwennie
That's a lot of cats purring out there
I bet you didn't know that.
but wait there's more
and more
Do you know them?
You knew that right?
one more picture
see you next time
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