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Profiting From The Women's Demographic: Frostbike 2011


jannine fitzgerald

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Profiting From The Women's Demographic: Frostbike 2011

Jannine Fitzgerald
Owner/ Buyer
Fitzgerald's Bicycles
Jackson Hole, WY TOPICS COVERED TODAY How To Capture & Maintain A Women's Community At Your Shop

How To Hire & Train Staff That Is Confident Selling To Women HOW TO CAPTURE & MAINTAIN A WOMEN'S COMMUNITY HOW DOES FITZGERALD'S CAPTURE FEMALE CUSTOMERS? Word Of Mouth "A woman uses about 20,000 words per day while a man uses about 7,000" -Louann Brizendine, M.D HOW DO WE GENERATE WORD OF MOUTH? Great customer service * Jackson's small market works on word of mouth.
Larger markets may need more elaborate marketing strategies.
Good Timing- Interest in Women's products on the rise.
Positive experience = positive word of mouth
CONFIDENT SELLING TO WOMEN QTIPS QTIPS is our way of guarateeing the customer service culture we are striving for by giving employees, men and women, a easy reference tool that enhances their level of communication. Q - Question This is the most important part of the process.
Here you will learn about the customer, what she needs, and hear her questions clearly.
Questions give you valued information about the customer. Through questioning you now have information to teach the customer.

Great opportunity to talk about different price ranges. This helps avoid the "how much do you want to spend" question.

The more time you spend here, the less you will seem like a pushy "salesperson". *

You are a guide helping someone learn how to make their own purchasing decisions. I is the most important part! Once trust has been instilled, the rest is easy!
Trust is created when the customer feels you have listened to her needs and have presented her the information that she walked through your door to obtain. I - Instill Trust
T- Teach
P - Present At this point you have successfully questioned, taught, and instilled trust in the customer. Here is where you will present the product that you think is a perfect fit. * S- Sell Don't be afraid to say, "great, so shall I have the mechanics give a final check over while we do the paper work?".

There should be no fear in trying to sell a product when you know you gathered the appropriate info and presented the customer with the right choices. OUR HISTORY THE JACKSON HOLE MARKET
Small, Informed & Passionate Community
Multi Sport Interests
Work To Live, not Live To Work (AKA, FUN HOGS) HIRING Hiring a woman does not guarantee GREAT customer service to women customers.
Hire based on who will be best for the job & trainable, not based on gender.
Hiring FUN HOGS can be challenging.
We have come up with a training tool that really helps our staff become unified when selling to customers. Medium sized, one location shop.
In biz since 2002.
We cater to all cycling disciplines.
Staff consists of mostly men
Located next to Snake River Brewing...that counts for something. QTIPS is nothing new. It's a training tool to keep customer service organized and memorable.

QTIPS provides the confidence to successfully COMMUNICATE with all customers, especially women.

QTIPS is not static. It's a guideline and a template. Q- Question
T- Teach
I- Instill Trust
P- Present
S- Sell HOW?
Communication between men and women can be quite different. The Female Bike Shop Experience? Communication styles maybe different for men and women, BUT expected levels of customer service tends to be similiar. Most men can overlook a sub par interaction with an employee if the right product is available at the right price. What is important to remember when communicating with female customers? Bad Communication = No viewing of your sweet bathroom!
Women want to spend the little time they have actually RIDING, not talking about riding. Intimidated and condescending environments tend to drive female customers away.
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