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Our Lovely Prezi

No description

Quintin Schneider

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Our Lovely Prezi

Our Lovely Prezi
Quintin Schneider,Danielle Wallace, Kelbey Emerson, Eli Richardson
Involvement in the Protestant Reformation, and was it just clergy and nobility?
Martin Luther,Huldreich,
Zwingli, John Calvin, John Knox, and Henry VIII. No the common people were involved as well.
Thank you!
Who was for it, who opposed it, and why?
Martin Luther, Huldreich Zwingli, John Calvin, John Knox, and Henry VIII were for it because they believed they were right and they were able to see the faults in the church.

The clergy, Pope Leo X, and Charles V were against it because it was contradicting the churches beliefs like.
Who was Martin Luther
A German theologian, an Augustinian monk, and an ecclesiastical reformer. His teachings inspired the Reformation and influenced the doctrines and culture of the Lutheran and Protestant traditions deeply. His actions lead to a new formation within Christianity called Lutheran. He posted the 95 theses on the church door which resulted in a movement.
Luthers grievances with the catholic church
Luther wrote a 95 theses, was against the church selling indulgences to "buy your way out of sin". He believed all you needed was faith
John Calvin and his role in the Reformation
John Calvin was a pasture during the Protest Reformation. He made a religion with Luther's thoughts, people who joined the religion wanted the church to give up catholic ways, these people were known as puritans.
Who was pope Leo X and what was his role in the reformation.
Was the pope during the reformation and allowed the indulgences to be sold so that he could use the money to build his project.

How did this change the way
Europeans viewed themselves?
It destroyed their unity of faith, It also changed their spiritual faith and because competing creeds turmoil had risen.
Was Martin Luther solely responsible
for the Protestant Reformation, why?

I would say yes because he got everyone thinking after he wrote the 95 Theses challenged the teachings of Catholic Church about Indulgences and the authority of the pope.
Was what ultimately
happened to Europe and
Christianity Luther’s true intention?
No, he just didn’t agree with the way the church was doing things, which is why he wrote the 95 Theses. Many people believed what Martin Luther said
was right and caused the reformation.
How has it shaped the world, as we know it today?
The protestant reformation changed the world
in many ways. It changed many religious beliefs, practices, and cultures. It also led to modern
concepts of democracy.
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