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IELTS - writing error correction

No description

stephen mills

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of IELTS - writing error correction

IELTS WRITING – ERROR CORRECTION 1. Another effect of uncontrolled tourism growth is that crime will be increase 2. These rubbish make the streets become very dirty 3. Another problem of uncontrolled tourism incredsed is diseseases 4. The Government need to tougher punishment for tourists 5. That will make the city to become crowd 6. If many people gather the same place, some problems might be happened 7. You don’t know the person whether good or not 8. The advises are to construct some punishment polices, promote the eco-friendly systems, decreasing the number of private cars and develop public transport 9. It is a serious problem therefore the government should build laws which prohibit sick tourisms to enter their countries 10. For example tourists are obliged some rigid medical check. 11. Also rulses and taxes for hwo does not following the system. 12. Another of the effect of increasing tourism is that be damagd to the environment 13. Another cause of problem is crowded because there are too many visitor 14. Also too many cars cause nowhere to park.
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