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The Maya. the Aztec. and the Incas

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Emily Kraus

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Maya. the Aztec. and the Incas

Ancient Times
Of The Maya The Aztec And The Inca By: Emily Kraus The Maya The Maya developed in 4 specific places. Made calenders on rocks They beleive in the Sun God. Many of the buildings have skilled carvings on them. The Maya still live in Mexico today. This was an old tribe that lived by hunting and gathering food. Main Crop Was Maize Also Known As Corn. Were divided into several groups such as:
The Ruling Class, Scribes(scholars), Preists, Craftsmen, and the Common People Aztec Their culture came from 3 sources:
Picture Books, Diaries, and Records.
Aztecs were rich with gold, silver, and rare jewls. Worshipped many things but mainly the Sun.. Priests offered human sacrifices to keep the spirit happy. By: Emily Kraus Inca Lived in the 15th and early 16th century Were located up high in the Andes Mountains South America is home of the Incas People treated their empire like a god Got their fabric and clothing from sheep, alpaka, and llamas The Inca civilization rose and fell in only 100 years! Gold was not in great supply in the Andes These people had over 200 types of potatoes The strongest features of the Ican empire was military srenth and an excellant road system Thay pay for goods with cacao beans and salt The city was rich with gold, silver, and rare jewels The Happiest time was when a baby was born Built a city wherever they saw an eagle sitting on a cactus Used pictures to write their language like the ancient egyptians The spaniards destroyed most of books which were about their religion, their daily life and history Had 5 days in each month called "Empty Days", during these days no work was done Had 3 classes: Nobility, the Merchants and the Craftsmen, and the Peasants Their armor for wars was resources found around them.
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