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Copy of Inferring with Animated Short Films

No description

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Inferring with Animated Short Films

Inferring with Animated Short Films
Today's Learning Target
Today we will be looking at an animated short film called “Alma” to help us work on making inferences and analyzing a text.

Film Analysis

By the end of the hour I will make inferences
based on an animated short film and
practice writing an analysis.

Today's Class Expectations
Note Taking
1st View: choose
of the video aspects to focus in on (setting, music, characters)

2nd View: choose a
aspect to focus in on

Make connections and inferences
Written Analysis
Your analysis should include the following:
1. Introduction
Title (“Alma”)
Creator of Film (Rodrigo Blass)
Brief overview of the film

2. Body
Analysis of 2nd viewing
Inferences of second viewing
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