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Heriberto Vasquez

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of g

Time efficient because it does not need to search for a mate and requires less energy
METHOD OF reproduction
method of reproduction
organism is more protected
sexual reproduction
it is a mode of reproduction of in witch offspring's arise from a single parent inheriting the genes of that parent only, resulting in a genetic copy of that parent
Coral can reproduces both sexually and asexually.
In asexual reproduction a new clonal polyps buds off from a parent polyps, this occurs when a parent polyps reaches a certain size and then divides
Life cycle
If the parent has a genetic disease, the offspring does too
A coral polyp begins its life as a free swimming larva then it settles on
a hard support and will never move again
two parents produce an offspring that share characteristics of both parents
male coral release gametes witch are taken in by female coral polyps containing egg cells. Fertilization occurs inside the female coral and resulting planula then coral larvae is released
trough the mouth of the female polyp when it is developed enough to settle onto hard substrate
A coral polyps begins its life as a tiny
free swimming larva then will settle on a hard support and will never move again
Requires two organisms and
more energy
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