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No description

Samuel Ruff

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of MySites

MySites Lets get social My Sites are like your own personal website, in that you can use and customize them in many different ways, some of which are shown here... So what are MySites
and what are they for? You can both store and organize your files and documents in your own personal MySite Content page Because the files are stored online, you can access them from ANY Laptop or PC on connectGSK! You can do all sorts of things here such as:
Sharing your status with colleagues
Maintaining your contact info for others to see
Writing a short intro on who you are and what you do
Show colleagues your expertise and skills and how you can use them to help! This is your Profile page You can do this using the "Organisation Browser" The Organisation Tab

Here its easy find Colleagues and view their profiles Your Newsfeed And that's your quick guide to... Click the link below for more...
https://connect.gsk.com/sites/iw/SocialMediaandCollaboration/sharepoint/Pages/My-Sites.aspx Make sure you remember!
You can upload up to 250 Megabytes of content to your MySite. If you reach this limit you will have to delete some content before you can upload more! Your MySite can be extremely useful here...
You can access all of the content from EVERY Team Site you have contributed to through this page! Click here to learn more on storing Documents on your MySite...
https://connect.gsk.com/sites/iw/SocialMediaandCollaboration/sharepoint/Pages/MySiteDocuments.aspx The Content Tab
Where you can save and share links to your favourite sites and browse documents you've uploaded to Team Sites The are a few different tabs on your profile page too... The Tags and Notes tab From this page you can see all the content you have tagged and which tags you have used Colleagues Tab This tab is simply a friends list, when you add people to here then updates from them will begin to appear in your newsfeed Your MySite even tells you if your in the same team or department Searching... If your trying to find someone in GSK you can also use the search feature Just type in a persons name into the search bar at the top of the page, select "People" from the menu and click search.

This will return a list of people in GSK who match your search criteria. The search tool is incredibly powerful! You can search for people using criteria such as 'Skills' or 'Interests' for example. You can also customize your Newsfeed to see updates relevant to you! The Newsfeed shows you updates from the people you know, for example:

- When colleagues join a new group
- When new friends are added
- When profiles are updated
- When friends tag pages
- And more... For example... Here I wanted to search for people who work with 'SharePoint' Just check all the boxes for the updates you want to see on your own feed
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