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Ali McCrossin

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of wiki

Write Source 2000: A Guide to Writing, Thinking & Learning Writing to Learn Writing to Learn The Writing Process Group Advising The Basic Elements of Writing Developing Essays Building Paragrpahs Composing and Combinding Sentences The Art of Writing Writing Naturally Improving Your Writing Writing Techniques and Terms Writing Leads to Acitive Learning About yourself About the world About Others About Life Across the Curriculum Scholars it relates to... 1. Selecting: choosing a subject

2. Collecting: Searching and shaping a subject

3. Connecting: Writing the first draft

4. Correcting: Revising Your Writing "Writing is mind traveling-destination unknow" --relate to scholars relate to Scholars... free writing caution given for correcting... Writing Group Guidlines for Author and Audience Peer revising
Creative writing workshops Checklist for commenting
helpful? Relate to scholars... Different kinds of Essay
Personal, Comparison and Contrast, writing about a person, place, object, event, explanation, persudae Gave the Process: Selecting, Collecting, Connecting and Correcting Gave Example Essays Pros and Cons of this section.. Beginning, middle, end topic sentence types of paragraphs: descriptive, expository, persuasive, narrative Scholars.. Same process: Selecting, collecting, connecting, correcting types of datail POINTLESS

refelctive levels of sentence detail
level 1: controlling sentences
level 2: clarifying sentences
level 3: completing sentence Pros and Cons Liked the Transition or Linking Word Chart (They/say I/say) Grammar: run on, comma splices, rambling, indefinite pronouns..etc. doesn't help students unless they see it in their own writing! using compound subjects and compund verbs Scholars.. Pros and cons.. "Voice is the impront of ourselves in our writing. Take the voice away...and there's no writing, just words following words." -Donald Graves Scholars... pros and cons use strong, colorful words
choose specifice nouns
choose vivid verbs
words that "feel" rights
effective modifiers
Writing for the wrong reason: don't write for your teacher Don't write to try and impress someone Scholars.. Pros and cons glossary of terms relate to Group Skills of Unit 3

* put a sign up in the beginnig of the school year

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