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The American Pika

No description

Emily Collins

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of The American Pika

The American Pika
- species of Pika found in westerly american mountains
-in the same family of the Rabbit and Hare
- "Ochotona princeps"
- Forbs and shrubs=78-87% of diet
-cushion plants and lichens in winter
-communicate with calls and scent marking
-make short calls and long calls(male)
-female gets to choose if more than one male in area
Why are they trouble?
- adapted to mountainous terrain
- can die if exposed to temperatures as warm as 25.5 degrees Celsius
- warm climates are invading/changing the Alpines
- have nowhere to go
Great Basin Pikas are already gone from 8 of the 25 mountain locations!!!
About the Pika
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