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King Arthur (in Freak the Mighty)

Introduction to Concepts in Freak the Mighty

Monica Unhold

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of King Arthur (in Freak the Mighty)

Exit Slip
Birth and Childhood
King Arthur
The Round Table
Given to him by his father-in-law.
It was round to show equal importance among each of the knights.
His knights held important meetings here.
Knights went by the title "Sir" for example, "Sir Lancelot"
The Sword in the Stone Disney Movie

Battles and Quests
A King of Great Humility
King Uther ruled over Britain.
He loved Igraine who was already married.
Merlin made Uther to look exactly like Igraine's husband.
They bore a son and named him Arthur.
Arthur was given to Merlin.
Arthur and Merlin
Merlin raised Arthur in secret.
He protected him.
Educated Arthur.
Merlin entrusted Arthur in to the care of a knight; Sir Ector.
How would you define a great king?
Merlin placed a sword in a marble stone with his magic.
Arthur at the age of fifteen managed to pull it out.
He was then named King of England.
A Second Sword Given to Arthur
This sword was given to him by the Lady of the Lake
She was
Modern Connections
Think about where you have seen a connection to the sword in the stone?
Was it.....
a movie?
a t.v show?
The Knights of The Round Table
King Arthur a major motion picture
Television Shows
"Whosoever draws this sword shall be the king of Britain."
Arthur Medieval Fair Episode
What would your definition of a great king be?

1) Who put the sword in the stone?

a) Sir Ector

b) Uther Pendragon

c) Merlin
Arthur was betrayed by his high knight Sir Lancelot. He had an affair with Arthur's wife, Guinevere.
Arthur was also referred to as "The Great King of the Britons."
Even today, King Arthur has been ranked one of the 100 greatest Britons of all time.
Dozens of new legends, films and books have been produced to expand the fictional legends of King Arthur.
Arthur was given a second sword from the mysterious Lady of The Lake. This sword could vanish enemies.
King Arthur's nickname was Wart as a child.
One legend states that as a child, Merlin turned Arthur into a fish so that he could learn more about life.
Most battles were against the Germans who were stealing their property
Quests were a mission to find some important object
Arthur's knights fought and won twelve battles for England
Arthur was injured and died after the last battle

3) What did Arthur take out of the stone to become king?

a) b) c)
4) Who gave Arthur his round table?

a)Guinevere's dad

b)Guinevere's brother

5) What was Guinevere know for?

a) being evil

b) being beautiful and nice

c) being a cruel queen
2) What was Arthur's wife's name?

a) Gwen of Air

b) Guinevere

c) Gwendolyn
King Arthur's wife was Guinevere
He loved her since he first saw her
She was known for being very beautiful
She was also known for being very kind
Guinevere was often a "damsel in distress" because she was kidnapped by other kings

Freak the Mighty
, Kevin calls his mother "the
Fair Gwen of Air"
What similarities do you see between characters, relationships or furniture in
Freak the Mighty
and those in the legends of King Arthur?
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