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Dante's Inferno

No description

Jazmin Perez

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno

While taking notes don’t spend your time writing every little thing
Pick out the important information that you know will be useful
Understand key words
Use established abbreviations or make your own as long as you can understand it, its all good.

One major section you will study is poetry
It is crucial that you understand and know how to read poems
One must analyze poems in order to comprehend the significance of the work as a whole such as:
Literary Devices
The AP Exam is also heavy on poetry
AP English Literature and Composition
Mr.Puentes' "Inferno"
Thank You
Grammar helps develop your writing style
It also helps to improve your essays
It is a fundamental skill to learn for the AP Exam and College
A crucial part of the English subject - albeit some argue it is boring - is understanding grammar
This includes:
Sentence structure
Understanding adjectives, verbs, adverbs, nouns, prepositions etc.
Learning how to spell properly
Learning new vocabulary
Understanding punctuation marks
In this class we wrote various types of essays such as analytical, persuasive, compare and contrast etc.
Essays, showed us the strength and weakness in our writing
The more essays we did the more easily we could work under a set amount of time
On AP exam we were already used to writing essays quickly and efficiently
Through out the school year you will receive various projects
Such as:
Collaborative essays
PowerPoint presentations
Deliver speeches
Creating your own poems
Having debates
Leading class discussions
These projects will develop your social interaction and verbal skills
They also lead to a better understanding of the novels you read and concepts you learn
Cup of Higher Understanding
Collaborative Essay
PowerPoint Presentations
Biblical Allusions Project
Welcome to AP English Literature and Composition!
This course will not only deepen your ability to write at college freshman level composition but also help you analyze some of the greatest works of the English Language
Things you will do:
Learn and Comprehend
Overall Grade = 100%
(What counts in this class?)
In class writing, discussions, and activities
Process writing and Projects
Quizes and Tests
Numerical Average
Grading Scale
Letter Grade
90 - 100
80 -89
70 - 79
60 - 69
Below 60
To better understand some of the texts you read they will be split into different genres
Such as:
Although the course was difficult we still made it through and learned
We would like to thank Mr.Puentes for his dedication and effectiveness in teaching
Tests in this class vary
Most are multiple choice and written responses
Questions consist of analyzing the theme, tone, character traits, grammar, etc.
Tests help developed our understanding of particular questions in order to get the correct answer
Tests also helped improve our time management for the AP exam
This particular essay got a score of 8. That is a really high score!
Macbeth and Matrix Debates
This year we watched movies and analyzed nearly every second of it
By: Vanessa Hernandez
Emelie Munguia
Alexis Nocum
Jazmin Perez
Randy Zamudio
Poem Scansion Sheet
The Power of Silence by: Alexis Nocum
Shakespearean Poem
Mainly consists of posters to help better understand learning objectives or concepts
Posters of the novel "
Major Character analysis and development
The Web of Testing
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice
Free Response
More MC Questions
Free Response
For each prompt we had only 40 minutes to write a full essay
Make sure you read the question carefully and answer correctly
Your answers go here!
What genre do I belong to?
Throughout the year we have read several pieces to help us develop a deeper understanding for literature
Reading varies novels also help in the Free Response section of the AP Exam
Books we Read:
Aesop Fables
Greek Mythology
Wuthering Heights
Shakespeare's Macbeth
AP Test Review
During the last couple weeks of April, you will begin to review for the AP Exam
Free Responses
AP Literature and Composition Exam is in
The exam is 3 hours long
It is made up of 2 parts
Multiple Choice
Free Response Questions
The final exam grade ranges from a
to a
Multiple Choice
You have 1 hour to complete the multiple choice section of the exam
There are around 4-5 passages with a total of 55 questions
There is no penalty for wrong answers
This section is worth 45% of the final exam grade
Answer the question from passages you understand best first
If you have time make sure to answer the questions you didn't fully comprehend
Free Response
You have 2 hours to complete this section (40 minutes per prompt)
The Free Response section consists of 3 essays
Free Choice (use a novel to answer prompt)
Answer all 3 essays otherwise your scores decreases
The FR section is worth 55% of the final exam grade
Answer the "easy" prompt first and then do the harder ones
Spending 5-10 minutes on a quick outline before writing your essay really helps
Grading Scale
Answering half of the multiple choice questions gets you into the "safe zone"
Getting a 5 on all 3 essays will also place you into the "safe zone"
A final AP Exam score of 3 out of 5
For the MC section read the passages and questions carefully but quickly
Essays can receive a score of 1 to 9
For the free responses make sure you answer the prompt
Summaries will result in a score lower than 5
Its better if you don't leave anything blank!
Don't study a day before the exam
Get a good night sleep
Eat a good breakfast
Arrive on time and bring necessary materials
Trust in your own skills

AP Literature and Composition Exam
Exam Overview
Full transcript