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The Literary Devices in My Poem Deer Lake

English 3

Andrea Cerecedo

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Literary Devices in My Poem Deer Lake

Deer Lake Annotated. Stanzas and the Lines 2nd Literary Device. 3rd Literary Device. 4th Literary Device. 1st Literary Device. Hyperbole: exaggeration.

" Some may lose their mind like trapped in a mine. By: Andrea Cerecedo - 4 Stanzas
- 4 lines in each stanza
- 16 Lines in total. Personification: Attributing human qualities to an animate object.

- "Animals frosting nature like cake" Paradox: A statement that appears
to be contradictory but has some truth.

" Service for phones non-existing
around the lake." Parallism: expresses similar or related ideas in grammatical structures.

" Friends, food, pranking, hiking,
and singing will occur and fill the
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