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Concerns during PUBERTY

No description

Tintin Mabilin

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Concerns during PUBERTY

Concerns during PUBERTY
Different growth rates of body parts
Hands and feet grow before arms and legs, and arms and legs grow before the torso. Noses, ears and jaws can outpace the growth of the rest of the face. The disproportionate growth lead to awkwardness, lack of poise, and embarrassment.
Irregular changes in weight and physique
The rapid gains in height, the shifts in body fat, and the late development of muscle tissue can cause the adolescent's physique to change dramatically.
Troublesome skin changes
Sweat and odor glands step up their activity, producing body odor and the need for frequent bathing. The oil glands become active and may cause skin problems like acne.
Variation in age of maturity
Sexual maturation can begin anytime within a six-year range for both sexes. these differences in the timing of puberty can be of significant concern for the individual.
Effects of Deviant Maturing
deviant maturers
early maturers
late maturers
rapid maturers
slow maturers
Sex differences in growth rates
While males and females grow at about the same rates during childhood, females experience puberty and the adolescent growth spurt 2 years earlier than males.
His physical growth and development makes the adolescent develops self-consciousness. He begins to worry about his personal appearance -- clothes, grooming, and acceptability to peers.
The adolescents' sense of self, his new self, his new role, and his view of the future usually overwhelms the young adolescent, affecting his interaction with significant others.
Effects of Deviant Maturing
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