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ABC's of the Hunger Games

By: Breanna Ruth Butterfield

Breanna Butterfield

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of ABC's of the Hunger Games

The ABC's of
The Hunger Games By:
Breanna Ruth Butterfield A is for AMAZING SISTER B is for BOW C is for CINNA D is for DEATH E is for ENTERTAINMENT F is for FIRE G is for GALE H is for HOODWINKED I is for INTERVIEWS J is for JUMP K is for KATNISS L is for LOVE TRIANGLE M is for MOCKINGJAY N is for NO NUTRITION O is for OUTSMARTED P is for PEETA Q is for QUIET R is for RUE S is for SABOTAGE T is for TRAINING U is for UNJUST V is for VICTORY W is for WOODS Y is for YAHOOS Z is for ZONE -A mockingjay is a bird that hears and repeats musical patterns.

-The mockingjay is on the pin that Katniss chooses to wear while she is in the arena. Each tribute is aloud to bring one thing with them that reminds them of their district.

-The mockingjay reminded Katniss of her deceased dad because it was his favorite bird.

-The mockingjay was also associated with Rue, the little girl from district 11. This bird was often used in her music loving district to send messages while they were working on the fields. -The bow was Katniss's best weapon and she was very accurate with it. When she had a bow in her hand she rarely missed her target.

-She used the bow for hunting and was a very good hunter.

-This skill provided food for her family, and also money because she would sell the game she shot.

-When she finally got her hands on a bow during the Hunger Games, her chances of living increased by a lot. -Cinna was Katniss's best friend while she was getting ready for the Hunger Games at the Capitol.

-He was the only "normal" person at the Capitol that seemed to understand her.

-He was her stylist. He made her look absolutely stunning so that she would get more fans and sponcors during the games. -In the hunger games 24 tributes, 1 girl and 1 boy from each district, had to fight to the death.

-There could only be one winner, although there was a rule change later in the games that said that two people from the same district could win.

-It was very sad to see some of my favorite characters in the book die, like Rue. -The Hunger Games was a very cruel form of entertainment in the capitol.

-They used it to scare people so that no one would rebel against the Capitol like District 13 did before they were completely destroyed.

-It was a way of using violence to prevent violence, war, and rebellion. It was used to keep the districts under control. -During the preparations for the Hunger Games, it was very important to make a lasting impressions on the sponsors and fans.

-Cinna made an outfit for Katniss and Peeta that gave the illusion of them being on fire. It gave them an edge.

-Katniss became know as "The Girl on Fire". -Gale was Katniss's best friend back at District 12. The story made a few suddle hints that she may like him more then a friend.

-They often went hunting together outside the district, which was not aloud, but they made a lot of great memories together.

-During the Hunger Games she often has a lot of flashbacks about the times she's spent with him. She also just thinks about and misses him a lot. -Hoodwinked is what Katniss and Peeta did to the Capitol and the sponsors.

-They put on an act by pretending they were completely in love, which helped them get a lot of sponsors who thought that the "star crossed lovers" act was very adorable.

-The more affectionate the two of them were, the more sponsors they got.

-Later in the story it was revealed that to Peeta it wasn't an act. He got angry because he thought that Haymitch, their mentor, and Katniss had been tricking him too. When really, Katniss thought he was in on it the whole time. -Interview were crucial to get the sponsors to like you.

-The more sponsors you get, the more help you get while you're in the arena

-It was very difficult for Katniss to interview because she didn't know how to act around people without being awkward. Although, Peeta worked the croud and everyone loved him. He was very nice and very funny. -When I hear the word jump in reference to the book I immediately think of Katniss's little friend Rue and the way she jumped through the trees.

-The word can also be used in reference to the way Katniss went from small district 12, to the luxury of the Capitol, to the danger of the Hunger Games. Those were three very tough jumps to take in life. -Katniss is the main character of the book.

-She tends to keep to herself and is very awkward around other people.

-She is often misunderstood because she is so small and seems insignificant. When in reality she is very talented at hunting, skilled with the bow and arrow, and she is very clever.

-Also, since she keeps to herself she seem emotionless and has to overcome that when it comes to the Hunger Games. She has to seem very open with her feelings so that she relates to the people of the Capitol and to the sponsors. -Katniss's relationships with Gale and Peeta is very complicated and Katniss is very confused.

-As for Gale, he is her best friends and they have been best friends for a very long time. She is not sure if she loves him as more then friends or just as best friends. He often comes to her mind while she is in the Hunger Games.

-Her and Peeta's relationship is even more complicated. She has to pretend that she is in love with him to get more sponsors while they are in the Hunger Games. He is not aware of the fact that it is an act and is actually completely in love with her. When he said he's liked her for a long time, it wasn't an act. She's not sure if in their time together in the games she has developed feelings for him or not. She has mixed feelings and doesn't know what to say when he asks for the truth. - Peeta is the other contestant for the Hunger Games from district 12.

-Katniss often refers to him as "the bread boy". And yes, he did work at the bakery of district 12, but the name goes much deeper then that. Peeta helped Katniss and her family out in their time of need.

-Many years ago when Katniss's family was starving, Peeta gave her bread against his fathers wishes and received a beating for it.

-This was Katniss's only memory of him up until the Hunger Games, although he had noticed her and had had a small crush on her for years. -Katniss was very quiet. This came as both an advantage and a disadvantage to her.

-It was an advantage because that ment people underestimated her and they didn't expect her to be so clever and such a talented hunter. To them, she was just a small girl, but when it came to the Hunger Games, she came out with a boom.

-This was a disadvantage because she was very bad with interviews. She didn't know what to say and often fumbled over her words. This was not very impressive to the people of the Capitol. -Rue was a young girl from district 11 that was in the Hunger Games.

-She was very clever. No one would have guessed that a girl that young would make it that far in the games.

-Later in the games, Katniss and Rue teamed up. Katniss often thought that Rue reminded her a lot of her sister and she was very fond of Rue.

-Unfortunately Rue died and Katniss couldn't save her in time. She sang to her as Rue took her last breaths. Before Rue's body was taken out of the arena, Katniss covered her in flowers and payed a tribute to her little friend. -During the games the rules were changed and they said that two people from the same district could win the games. This seemed so great, and Peeta and Katniss teamed up and put on their "star crossed lovers" act.

-Then, when it was just the two of them left and they thought they had won, the Capitol changed the rule back. Now, only one of them could win.

-After they went back and forth about who was going to be the one to die and who wasn't, Katniss thought of a plan. They would both die. Although, she didn't think that they would actually die because she knew the Capitol had to have a winner in order to have a successful Hunger Games. She was right. Right before Katniss and Peeta were about to eat the poison berries to kill themselves, they announced that Katniss AND Peeta were the new winners of the Hunger Games. What a relief, but the Capitol didn't like that Katniss outsmarted them like that. -The Capitol often tried to sabotage the contestants in the Hunger Games.

-They would create different obstacles that would kill contestants or drive them together so they would be forced to fight each other.

-They mostly did this when nothing interesting happened recently. This was their cruel way creating an entertainingly gruesome show. -Training was what each contestant of the Hunger Games went through before they entered the arena.

-Although they had no idea what environment they would be in, they got to learn about different plants that could be deadly, practice with different weapons, and see who their competition was.

-This also gave them a opportunity to show off their skills to the Capitol. -In my opinion, this is the perfect word to describe the Hunger Games.

-What exactly gives people a right to basically murder 23 people every year. AND THEY'RE KIDS!

-This is a cruel and unusual way to entertain people and if I had a chance, I would rebel against the Capitol, just like district 13 did. -This is a way to describe the fact that Peeta and Katniss won the Hunger Games! They did it! Out of 24 tributes, they beat the odds and that lead them to victory!

-Although, this is probably the worst victory ever. Yes, they get to go home and see their family and friends again, which is great. I just can't imagine living with the awful memories of the Hunger Games. They would haunt me everyday of my life. -The woods is the environment in which the Hunger Games was held in.

-This came as an advantage to Katniss because this is the same environment that was outside of district 12. She often went and hunted there.

-Because of this, Katniss had the skills she needed to survive. She knew a lot about the plants and the land, she was a very good hunter of the animals that thrived in that environment, and she knew were she was the safest when it was time for her to hide. -Zone is another way of say district.

-People were divided into 12 districts and the Capitol. Generally, the higher numbered district you were, the poorer you were and the hardest it was for you to survive.

-Katniss and Peeta were from district 12, the poorest of the districts.

-Each district had a different good that they produced. District 12 produced coal. Make peace, not war! THE END -At the beginning of the story, Katniss reassured her little sister Primrose that she would not be drawn as the next girl tribute from district 12 for the Hunger Games.

-Unfortunately, to Katniss's surprise, Primrose was chosen. Unable to watch her little sister's brutal fate, Katniss volunteered herself as tribute to save her siser. Now that's a good sister!

-During the games Primrose came to Katniss's mind very often. She loved her very much. X is for EXAMINE - When Katniss and Peeta won the Hunger Games, they were rushed back to the capitol so that a doctor could examine them for injury. Katniss was fine, except for some cuts and burns. Although Peeta was not so lucky. The damage that was done to his leg was so bad that he had to get it removed and replace with a metal leg.

-Examine could also be related to the fact that the people of the Capitol watched the tributes and everything they did and said, after they were drawn to be in the Hunger Games. - Yahoo is the perfect way to describe the people of the capitol. The way they dressed, the clothes they wore, it all made them look absolutely insane.

-Even the fact they liked watching people die for their own entertainment was crazy. -While people were in the Huger Games, they were forced to live on their own, without any support from anyone else.

-People did not get nearly enough food or water. If you couldn't hunt, your chance of living was slim if the few supplise that the Capitol supplied were out of your reach.

-If someone got hurt or sick, to bad. You have to find a clever way to heal yourself, tough it out, or die.
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