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SCLY3 Jan 2012 Q1

No description

Molly Rose

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of SCLY3 Jan 2012 Q1

Jan 2012 Identify and briefly explain three reasons why members of minority ethnic groups may seem to be more religious than members of the majority population. (9) A 9 mark question Done? what is the key to these questions?


Cultural transition (Bruce)

Cultural defence (Bruce)

Majority worship privately cultural transition - religion can offer a sense of community and a sense of self-worth and support. This happens for immigrants when they enter a whole new world. Immigrants are often a minority in their new country
cultural defence - minorities are often in conflict with the majority of society. Religion gives them ethnic identity by reinforcing the norms and values
the majority population worship privately - changes in the religious habits of the majority population may mean that they practise their religion in a less visible and more private manner, thus it may seem that minority ethnic groups are more actively religious EXPLAIN each identified point Did you IDENTIFY THREE reasons?

Did you EXPLAIN all of them in enough detail? Are you done? Check your work! Hello 9 marks!
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