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Film and Lit Midterm

No description

Jamie Kuhn

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Film and Lit Midterm

Film and Lit Midterm
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You will need to include the following.....
1. An area to make connections from the text to yourself.
2. An area for examples of figurative language.
3. An area for writing the problem, climax, and solution or conclusion.
You need a title
Then add your text evidence.
An example...
Figurative Language
1. "Do you have a plan?" "Ummm, sure." irony
2. Telling the kids to "hang tight" while hanging from the ropes. Pun
3. You'll need 4 or more examples of different types of figurative language to have a 100% on this section.
Awarding points
Text to self will need 5 or more connections to receive a 100%. Less than 5 will be a 3 point deduction for each one.
Problem, climax, and solution/conclusion will be worth 5 points each and must be in a complete sentence.

2nd, 6th, and 8th:
We won't have time to finish Guardians.
So, for problem, climax, and solution/conclusion you will probably need to use another resource from home or from class.
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