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Mrs. Frisby and The Crow

Test Review

Sam Hager

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Mrs. Frisby and The Crow

How does the crow help Mrs. Frisby? Why does Mrs. Frisby tell the crow to stay still? What is the difference in the two
routes Mrs. Frisby has to choose between? How does the crow get caught? Why does Mrs. Frisby tell the crow to stay still? What does circumstances mean? Give me a sentence using this word What does obviously mean? Give me a sentence using this word. Name a cause and effect that occurs in the story. What does the author want us to know about Mrs. Frisby? Give an example of a risk and consequence in this story. How do the risks that Mrs. Frisby takes compare to those taken by Karana in "Island of the Blue Dolphins" and the Crafts in "Two Tickets to Freedom"? Why do people take life-threatening risks? What would make you take a life-threatening risk?
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