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Introduction to Specializations

No description

Airbnb Training

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Specializations

Introduction to Specializations
Trip Xperience
The Trip Experience team manages conflict and crisis between users as well as enforcing policies for the betterment of our community. Resolutions aim to respond to Urgent cases within 1 hour and all other cases within 8 hours.
The Payments team works on payment-related issues like processing and tracking payments, missing payouts, foreign exchange rates and overseeing and tracking coupon usage.
Tax and Government
The Government Relations (sometimes called Legal Ops) & Tax team are extremely specialized teams. They handle sensitive issues, so PLEASE: DO NOT give advice about anything tax, legal or government relations related. DO NOT refer to them as "tax specialists" or "tax tyrants." As they are a CX team designated to help with tax and government related inquiries, Instead, say something like, "Thanks for contacting Airbnb Customer Support about _______. Let me forward you to a member of my team who can better assist you with your inquiry."
Make sure to escalate to the correct group (Government Relations vs. Tax Tyrants)!
How does the GX/HX teams work with TX?
GX and HX can make or break the outcome of a case by collecting vital information in a positive way that influences their workflow. This directly affects user experience and the Airbnb brand.
Trust and Safety
Trust and Safety is comprised of two main groups:
1. Proactive Community Defense Department:
Fraud Ops Team:
Inquiries about payment/payout when reservation is under "Fraud Review".
Risk Ops Team:
Investigation of users to avoid outside scams and developing fraudulent/suspicious trends prior to anything happening.
Verification Team:
"Verification" group works with Checkpoint - verifies users identity.
Collections Team:
Investigate and follow-up on charge backs by working closely with the Fraud team. Failure to collect payment for a reservation (past, present, future) Collecting payment for losses related to property damage.
Trust & Safety
2. Community Response Team:
User Policing:
Reviews User Generated Flags, Monitors inappropriate content, Investigates scrapers, Communicates with users about violations in the TOS, Communicates with Ghosted users,
Determines if Ghosted users should be allowed back onto the site (Whitelist), Final removal of any user from the site

Host Guarantee cases or questions, Host requests for payment of security deposit, Theft and vandalism of guest property, Any other cases that includes property damage
Host Success
A dedicated team of account managers who are responsible for providing
and ensuring personalized, top-quality support by solving support inquiries
and building and managing relationships with Airbnb's top hosts.

HSM will ensure that hosts are receiving top-quality support while fostering ties
and loyalty to the Airbnb community. HSM provides personalized support to top
hosts Monday thru Friday as well as ensures overall top quality support is
provided 24/7. HSM gathers feedback from top hosts and also gives our top hosts updates about new products, policies, and other events.

The fundamental goal of the team is to make sure our top hosts are
top-quality HSM will oversee, escalate, and/or solve Superhost inquiries to
ensure top quality and timely support
Market Quality
The Market Quality team proactively reaches out to hosts who have caused a poor guest experience in an effort to improve the overall quality of the Airbnb marketplace. They focus primarily on hosts that receive low guest reviews, cancel bookings, and create Resolutions tickets. Market Quality will ensure hosts our fulfilling their hosting obligations, Educate at risk hosts on our standards and best practices, Issue policy driven warnings and penalties, Expel or suspend a host from the site for repeated failure to meet community and hosting standards.

CS agents are expected, and encouraged, to refer hosts to the Market Quality team by applying a Yellow Card to a host’s account if they see hosts who have cause caused poor guest experiences.
White Glove
Through premier customer service, the WhiteGlove team ensures our community’s most valuable members engage in the best Airbnb experiences possible.

Notable user's accounts can be identified by a User Flag: "White Glove - Journalist" and "White Glove - Noteworthy". User accounts with these flags are considered VIP: Their presence on our website is critical for PR and/or business operations.

Should WhiteGlove users encounter any inconvenience when using our services, please notify whiteglove@airbnb.com . If you are not sure as to whether an issue warrants an email to the WhiteGlove team, please send an email anyway. We always appreciate your inquiries. Examples of issues which warrant an email to our team include: cancellations, payment trouble, non-responsive hosts, listing not-as-described, etc. Pretty much, almost any frustration/friction.
Additionally, you should email whiteglove@airbnb.com.

– If a User indicates they are from the media, social influencers (Lots of twitter followers etc), journalists, celebrities, investors, tech-industry influencers, users of high value reservations, etc during their contact with CS.
– If you think someone should be flagged as White Glove / VIP because their partnership or presence on our website could potentially be important to business operations; or, if you already know a user is from the media,or is a public figure (anything listed above).
White Glove LOVE Opportunities:
Occasionally opportunities arise where Customer Service can go above and beyond to show Love for our users. AirCorps is encouraged to email whiteglove@airbnb.com if there is an opportunity to make an impacting, positive Airbnb experience that is memorable and fun. The White Glove team would like to capitalize on opportunities where we can create stories, generate buzz and get people excited about our Customer Service efforts and brand.
The Bug Squad works to investigate and report product bugs to engineers for (1) a fix or (2) finding a workaround/solution to help the user. The team works closely with Product to quickly determine the scope and severity of trending bugs by leveraging CX teams and user reporting.
Language & Market
L&M is a dedicated team who are responsible for monitoring and improving the Service Levels in the 5 major language markets across the EU: French, German, Italian, Spanish and English. L&M gathers data from Lantern and feedback from CX specializations to determine and understand the main issues in each market, and work on projects to improve the users' experience.
Customer Voice
The Goal of the Customer Voice team is to develop actionable insights by leveraging user feedback, CX observations, and key metrics to positively inform the customer experience and reduce customer contacts. They help bridge CX to other departments.
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