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Rules by Cynthia Lord

No description

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Rules by Cynthia Lord

The moral of the story is that every one is different and that difference may cause challenges in life but they can be overcome.
Rating and Recommendations
I rate this book 5/5 Gold fish
Why the Author chose the Title
The author chose the title rules because of Davids set of rules that he has to follow. Every chapter is a new rule and I think that this book's title is appropriate.

12 year old Catherine is having conflicting thoughts about her younger brother, David. David is autistic and he does a lot of things most kids would not dare to do. Catherine makes a system of rules for David, every chapter is a new rule. Later in the book Kristi moves in next door and Catherine is scared of her brother doing something wrong. Then Catherine meets Jason whom he can not speak.
As an example I will write the first chapter/rule; "If it is to loud cover your ears or ask the other person to be quiet." David gets one of these every chapter.
Rules by Cynthia Lord
Compare and contrast
Jason: Has a disability, he cant speak, and he has to use a book to point out words.
Who would i be friends with?
I would be friends with Jason because he is a boy and he can't talk meaning that he can't insult me, annoy me, but he also cant have a good conversation with me and he is a nice person.
Meet the author!
Cynthia Lord has an autistic son and a daughter, Catherine is a mix of he daughter and herself. Both of them inspired her to write rules.
David: Has a disability, he can't behave correctly, has to have a strict system of rules.
I think this book is for everyone that likes realistic fiction and it is a short read.
Catherine's parents

This book is fairly new and I am assuming that it takes place in New Hampshire because that is where the author lives.
Book Comparison
I would compare this book to Egypt Game because everyday there is a rule for David. In Egypt Game they all went back to the backyard to play. In Egypt Game they had new kids join them in their game. In Rules the kids make new friends abut instead of a game their focus is disabilities.
What would I call this book?
I would call this book "David's Disability" because David, one of the main characters, has a autism and the book is kind of based around that concept.
Other books by Cynthia Lord
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