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How to know when somebody lying.

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roberta garcia

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of How to know when somebody lying.

Its is important to note that you cant rely on only one characteristic, but both of them as a combo

Lack of details in a story:

*Sensory information.
example colors and sounds.
*Less engaging

Change in speech:
* Speech errors. (Sentence repetition, slips of the tongue)
*Reduce their pace of speech

Micro expressions
Characteristics in a conversation can alert you when someone is lying.
How can we detect a liar?
Min 7:30
Example: TedTalk by Pamela Meyer
Gestural Slips
Discrepancy between verbal and nonverbal.

Catch the liar,
before the lie hits you!
By: Roberta Callaway
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