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Glória Muñoz

No description

Abby Juster

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Glória Muñoz

What makes Gloria Muñoz great?
She is an artist, who's paintings are simple and enjoyable. Her paintings tend to go to the more subtle colors, but they seem very soothing.
How did her personal history affect her art?
What are her three best works of art?
In my opinion these would have to be my favorites. They are my favorites because, I love the simplicity and the elegance in them. The first painting is the one I painted. I loved how it is a painting within a painting.
Gloria Muñoz
How was her culture reflected in her work?
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How does her art compare to other artists of her time?
In 1972 Gloria completed her art coursework after studying at l'Escola Superior de Belles Arts Sant Jordi, her art professor influenced her with the importance of connecting to nature and how to draw out emotion by painting directly from it. The same year she completed he coursework she married a man named Josep. Josep's father was a painter! Also her family was "artistically inclined", so that might of influenced her too.
Gloria doesn't really show that much of her hispanic culture in her art. Sometimes you'll see some paintings with hispanic figures on them, but she mostly paints objects, and abstract like paintings, that are "spiritual in nature".
Gloria's paintings look familiar to other people of her days because, people like to paint objects, flowers, and nature, but hers are different because, again she likes to use more subtle colors instead of bright. Also it is almost like her art work has a different feel to it.
Gloria was born August 12, 1949 in Barcelona, Spain. She is 65 years old, and works as an art professor at the University of Barcelona.
What effects did
Gloria's art have during
her lifetime?
Many of Gloria's paintings focus on the relationship of the spiritual and physical world. She caused people to contemplate the brevity (shortness) of life and to appreciate the variety of circumstances faced my mankind.
How did her country's history or events affect her art?
When Gloria was born Spain had just came out of WWII. The higher culture of Catalan was replaced by a poorer population crammed into the city. Her paintings reflect a more simple life and connect to the people's needs.
What was her most significant contribution to art?
Her largest most significant contribution to art would probably have to be the way she expressed herself through her art. The way she showed emotion in such a simple work of art, and a sense of showing the world in her paintings by using a single object as an example.
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