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2016 Mustang GT Roush Edition

No description

Kali Tucker

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of 2016 Mustang GT Roush Edition

2016 Mustang GT Roush Edition
"Go Further"
Carbon fiber steering wheel and trim
Carbon fiber bucket seats and shift nob
Tube chasis frame
No video player
Pandora radio with a USB port
Basic A/C
The new mustang will include modern IRS (independent rear suspension
King shocks
Wheel wood disc brakes
Special Features
Carbon fiber body
Traction Control
Active brake system
Stability control
Carbon brakes
Everything electrical in the car will be made smaller for lower weight
The car will have a combined wight of 3100 lbs

Price and Extras
suede interior
leather seats
sun roof
heated seats
extra subs
Based off of the Mustang GT, the car will be a stripped out version of the 2016 Mustang GT. It will feature modern suspension for better handling, and a light body and frame for better acceleration and power to weight ratio. We will be teaming up with Roush motorsports for the engine work.
Michelin racing tires
American Racing AR883 Maverick aluminum wheels
Beadlock rims
Drive Train
Cobra 5.8 liter Aluminum block engine with a Rousch supercharger with 805 horsepower
Carbon fiber driveshaft
Limited slip differential
Ricardo 6 speed manual from the Ford GT
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