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how can we be sustainable!

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Elizabeth Harris

on 23 November 2017

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Transcript of how can we be sustainable!

How can we be sustainable!
By Hayden and Ethan
Water,solar,biomass and wind.

We can use these resources to prevent green house gases and stop using coal and use these natural resources.
Natural resources
Renewable resources are resources that can be reused over and over again. eg, water, wind, biomass and geothermal energy.
Renewable resources
we can use solar and wind farms in Australia. We need to keep greenhouse gases out of the world.
Ways we can be sustainable
So your children's children will experience the same life as us or better! We don't wont the environment to change in a long time. (this image below shows what the earth might show in 40 years)
It is important to reuse and recycle our wast.
how does Brisbane recycle
Brisbane has a
yellow bin
to put recycling in it then people come to collect it then it gets
We can be sustainable by recycling, not using lights when not needed, don't litter, don't wast water at school and open a window instead of the air con.
We need to look after energy!
If we don't the earth it will not be the same for the next generations
Some sorts of energy can not be renewable.
Thanks for watching
Non-Renewable resources.
Non-renewable resources are resources that take a long time to replace like coal, natural gas and
nuclear energy
How can we be sustainable at home
We can be sustainable at home by: turning of a light when not needed,open a window not the air con and open a window for some natural light instead of turning on a light.
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