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Noah's Ted Talk

No description

noah sider

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Noah's Ted Talk

Initially... My goal was to run the DSBN road race, but I ended up missing it, due to my ankle injury.
Connection Between My Running - Mental Health
Not only does exercise keep my body healthy, but my mind as well. Since I can remember, I have struggled with some degree of anxiety/depression which varies from time to time.
My Goal
Once I was able to run on my ankle, what I ended up doing was
going on weekly 3km runs with my super-fit class, and running 3-4km once a week on my own around my neighborhood.
Throughout the years, I have found hobbies and things that I do to help cope and stay happy.
Noah's Running
The Ankle
I'm sure you all heard me yell out how it happened, but in case you didn't...
I hurt my ankle by jumping over a badminton net it gym class...aha
Why I Chose Running
Working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something I have been proud of for years.

Running and going to the gym is an outlet that allows me to express myself, keeping me happy and healthy.
Here are a list of hobbies I have done:


The Runs
Things I could have done differently
Well the first thing would be to not jump over a badminton net!
Secondly, it would be to try my best to stay motivated and stick to a steady schedule,
and thirdly, it would be to record and track my run times more accurately.
My passion is running!
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