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Berlin Airlift

No description

nicholas 12054bea

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Berlin Airlift

Double click anywhere & add an idea Berlin Airlift March 1948 The allied nations of breat britain,
France , and america decide to
combine all zones into one. March 1949 Soviets respond by making a
democratic republic ,or east germany stalin takes action after he sees thousands of
eastern europeans leaving
he decides to close the
escape route causing major
lack of cooperation between
east and west berlin shortages stalin created a blockade
between east and west germany
after he had learned of escaping
shortages This then led to a shortage
of food and water supplies
to east berlin and east germany
which also left people in west
berlin stranded truman Truman didnt want to
use military force to
open the routes, but
he didnt want to give up
west berlin to the soviets solution By plane he was to move supplies into west berlin
over the next 15 months and 200,000 flights to
deliver 13,000 tons of goods soviets SUCK Soviets gave up the blockade and the airlifts stopped in may 1949
but berlin remained a harsh subject between the americans and soviets THE END Berlin Airlift
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