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Youth Tolerance

No description

Enis Veisel

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Youth Tolerance

Youth Tolerance
Our members are more than 150 initiative, skilled and socially responsible young people who are engaged in various projects, programs and campaigns related to active youth citizenship, democracy and democratic values, social inclusion, formal and informal education , intercultural dialogue , human rights , nations and minorities and gender equality.
Develop sustainable projects:

Liberal youth academy
 4 level based training
 Interactive 1 year long training

Youth Tolerance is non-profit, non-governmental youth organization.
The foundation is a nation-wide organization devoted to promote liberal and democratic values and ideas in Bulgaria. It is determined to work for peace, tolerance, human rights with predominance of protecting minority rights.
Liberal academies
 Building a system for young liberals training

 To introduce and develop the democratic values in young people

 To for a community of liberal youth

 Competent liberal liders, skilled governors and responsible public communicators.

Our organization develops , realizes and takes an active part in various national and international projects , training seminars , international exchange programs , forums , campaigns and etc.,which are consistent with our main objectives at both national and regional and European level. An important aspect of our activities is the organization of civil society initiatives in the conduct of free and democratic elections, as well as our participation as observers in the conduct of democratic elections. Thanks to these successful completion of local, national and international projects, we from the "Youth Tolerance" are proud of our good international reputation and that we are a preferred partner for the implementation of a number of international projects. Our Organisation is motivated and eager to continue the best traditions in partnerships with local, national and international organizations and aims to broaden and deepen their activities at European level.

Liberal academy- levels

Our Goals
 Write and implement youth projects
 Write a liberal statements
 Liberal drafts and policies
 Organize round tables, discussions, seminars
 To build a pool of liberal trainers
 To build a team for liberal analyses and researches

Our goals
Since its establishment Youth Tolerance Foundation strongly believes in the potential of young people in Bulgaria and supports all activities associated with their development. In this context, major objectives that Youth Tolerance Foundation sets are:
1. Development and support civil society
2. Support the cultural activities
3 . Help, support and development of intercultural dialogue and strengthening the religious and ethnical tolerance within the country
4 . Social Assistance
5 . Mentoring and promoting healthy lifestyle
6 . Support youth entrepreneurship and active participation in youth policy

 Basic liberal training
 Building skills
 Good governing and decision-making
 Liberal youth web

Youth Tolerance
Contact us


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