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What is the difference between today's generation to the past generations

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Kayla Washington

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of What is the difference between today's generation to the past generations

Today's Generation V. Past Generation Teens .Vs. Parents Generation Questions/Concerns When our parent were teens their parents were so strict on them to get a education but you look around now parents acting like there kids. In the past our parents were forced to wear long skirts and look civilized now you got 9 Th graders (14years of age girls) wearing skirts and shorts up the butt thinking that's cute. Girls dress up the way they like because parents have realized that there is no point in being rude to their kids. This is why you have pregnant teens, boys sell drugs, boys doing drugs, kids running away from home, and kids dying. Where are the parents? Us teens of today's time is fortunate to be able too pick who we want to be at the end but we are misusing that opportunity where on the other hand our parents were forced to marry people and change there ways to be with people. What we fail to realize is that our parents lives was put on the line if they didn't change for others, but here we are we have the choice to be who we want to be and we don't do a good job at it. Why are the parents not being parents? It was all about shorts up the butt! They kept it simple. You being the mother has a impact on the life of your teen. We only do what we see you do! *Do you know your child?
*Do you know where your child is at all times?
*Do you know your child like the back of your hand?
*Do you and your child communicate?
If you are hesitant on even of theses questions gain a strong relationship with your child and do it fast!
(P.S. you can't replace your child once their gone) Theses teens are fully cover (80's) Little do you know this could be your 10 year old
With out love Mother excited but this teen is not ready to be a mother.
This is what teens do Without love from you (the mother) This is your 14year old girl without their mother love! This is the result of your son Without love they think it's OK. Without The Parents Love
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