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Numbers Mean Nothing

No description

Jake Ewing

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Numbers Mean Nothing

Numbers Mean Nothing
Why Engagement & an Integrated Approach to Social Media are More Important Than Your Follower Count
Presented & Directed by
Jacob Ewing
Director of Public Relations
University of Kentucky
Student Activities Board
What is engaging social media?
Creating a dialogue between an organization and its audience(s).
Developing a meaningful relationship between an organization and its audience(s).
Social media that effectively communicates and further develops an organization's culture and purpose.
What is an integrated approach to social media?
Using all social media platforms in conjunction with each other to effectively communicate with target audience
Engaging an organization’s social media platforms with each other in order to effectively communicate the organization’s culture and purpose
How can I implement engaging & integrated social media?
Engaging Content
What defines your organization's culture?
Use multimedia elements - photos, videos, etc.
Remain relevant
Ask questions
Implement contests & giveaways
Integrated Approach
Cross-platform promotion
link to lesser-used platforms
Capitalize on the strength of each platform
Groups of 4
10 minutes
How does your organization currently use social media?
Platforms, handles, frequency, etc.
Why are you attending this session?
What do you expect to gain from this session?
What are some other methods?
What have you learned?
Love the presentation?
Hate the presentation?
Want to find out more about UKSAB or this presentation?
Tweet me: @jake_ewing1
Use #NACANumbers on Twitter or Facebook
The Lumineers
#SpeakBlue Distinguished Speaker: Anderson Cooper
#TrendingTopics: Marijuana Legalization
Creating Brand Culture
Brand Culture
Measurement & Analytics
Market Research Data
Analytics services
TweetReach, Twittonomy, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Klout
So...how did my integrated & engaging approach work?
Likes: 19.4% (4,047)
Reach: 14,278/week
Engagement: 208/week
UK Student Activities Board
158.5% increase since August 2013

Followers: 31.6% (2,500)
Engagement: 40 mentions, 85 RTs, 25 Favorites/week
108.9% increase since August 2013
Average 291 views per week
112.5% increase since August 2013

Why do "numbers mean nothing"?
"Profit isn't a purpose, it's a result. To have purpose means the things we do are of real value to others."
Simon Sinek
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