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collapse of the soviet union

No description

Don Koop

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of collapse of the soviet union

USSR-from Cold War to Collapse
grandson of a serf, son of a coal miner
denounced Stalin in a speech in 1956 after Stalin's death
Bay of Pigs, Cuban missile Crisis, U-2 bomber shot down
resigned in 1964
in power 1955-1964
November 1956-Hungarian Uprising
in power 1964-1982
Detente (French for "relaxed"-less confrontational than brinkmanship
SALT I-signed 1972 US-USSR
In power 1985-1991
Andropov 1982-1984 Chernenko 1984-1985
Strategic Arms Limitations Talks
SALT II US Congress would not ratify due to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979
1985 announced a policy of "glasnost:" Free flow of ideas and information.
1985-perestroika: economic restructuring. Did not want to throw out communism but to make it more efficient and productive.
1987-Democratization-allowing some voting for party leaders
Glasnost, perestroika
Collapse of the Soviet Union
Realized USSR could not afford arms race-sighed INF treaty with Reagan in 1987
Poland was Communist; became free during this time thanks to Union leader Lech Walesa (Union was called "Solidarity.")
Hungarian communists disband
Fall of the Berlin Wall
East Germany-Communist
West Germany-Democratic
Berlin in East Germany.
East Berlin-Communist
West Berlin-Democratic
East Germans started escaping to West Germany by way of Hungary to Austria.
East German leader closed borders-people protested.
East German leader opened Berlin Wall on November 9th, 1989.
Built in 1961
August Coup against Gorbachev helped breakup.
Yugoslavia falls apart.
by 1991 there is no Soviet Union (USSR) just independent states, with Russia the largest.
Remember Stalin?
in power 1922-1952
World War II
Totalitarian State
5 year plans
willing to go to the "brink" of war."
forced free market!
Russia today a democracy with with limited freedom
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