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Longer Passing Time

No description

Shon'Terrika Edwards

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Longer Passing Time

Longer Passing Time
Why We Should Have Longer Passing Time.
Longer Passing Period's Cause:
By: Shon'Terrika E. And Rosemary W.
You to be early to class
Enough time to get needed materials.
Social time before class.
Time to use the restroom before class.
Snacks before class instead of during class.
Bad Causes Of Passing Time:
Fights and Arguments
Plans to skip class
The Thought Of Rushing
Students usually go into class without the necessary materials. More time in between class periods would allow students to retrieve to their locker, and still make it to class on time. This prevents class interruptions because fewer students would have to run to their lockers.
Longer passing periods would prevent MANY students from receiving detention or any form of punishment as well. Because of the length of current passing time it is quite easy for students to the necessary number of tardy passes to qualify for punishment. Not only would there be fewer detention, but citizenship grades would improve highly. Many teachers account for tardiness when grading citizenship. This is not fair to students, as many of them end up with multiple tardies even while walking directly from class to class.
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