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Copy of Copy of Japanese Adult Video Culture

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Erro Joseph Cunanan

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Japanese Adult Video Culture

Japanese Adult Video Culture
Process of making an adult video
Wong Chak Ming (53021193)
Fung Yan Yin (53026705)
Kwok Hiu Tung (53030480)
Tang Yi Man (53023844)

★Culture 2★
Pornography Culture in Japan AV (adult video)

Background of Japanese Adult Video
1) Brain storm the theme of the AV
2) Decide the release date
3) Calculate the budget needed
4) Choose a director of the AV
5) Interview and choose the actor and actress
6) Start taking the AV !
7) handle the finished product to CSA, JVPS etc to examine whether it violates the law and moral before release it
8) Release the finished AV to the
market !
Reason for Japanese Av popularity
The biggest export country of AV in the world
Over 60 billion euro turnover in Japanese AV industry
Japanese AV industry enjoy over 20% market share in the AV industry
35 thousand AV per year, nearly 100 AV per day
Porn industry turnover account 1 % of Japan's GDP
Over 10 million Chinese people follow the weibo of Aoi Sora (蒼井 そら)
Popularity in Japan
6.6 million AV actresses ( 19-29 )
6000 new actresses per year
1 out of 50 Japanese women have taken AV
spend over 150 us dollars per person
Popularity in the world
Why Japanese AV is so popular ?
A) Reason of the popularity of Japanese AV in the world
B) Reason of the popularity of AV in Japan
Open minded towards sex of Japanese

- affected by the Kojiki,the oldest extant chronicle in Japan.
- The island of Japan and Japanese is the product of the incest of two gods.

Great living pressure of the men + male chauvinism in Japanese society

- a way to release their living pressure and keep their male chauvinism by
watching some AV in theme of sadomasochism (SM)

Professional Actor and actress with work ethic
Over 100 AV Companies with big-scale
(eg, Top1 , HMP , KUKI etc )
Abundant stories and themes( SM, Uniform and incest etc) which are banned topic in many western countries
Growth of the internet
Japanese's perception towards sex
Legal and moral affairs about AV business
Background of Japanese Adult Video (AV)
Reason for Japanese AV popularity
Reason for Japanese women to become an AV actress
Legal affairs towards AV
Japanese 's perception towards sex and AV

AV = short form of ‘adult video’,
アダルトビデオ, invented by Japanese
AV is one of the major industry in Japan
Japan is the largest producer and exporter of pornographic materials in East Asia.

Process of making an AV ??
It consists of 8 steps !!
Millions of people, including teens, men and women in Japan have found
sexual affirmation and satisfaction
with the help of Japanese porno comic book or AV films.

maybe the best contribution to sex education

in many countries

The Top famous AV Production Companies
SOD (Soft On Demand (ソフト・オン・ デマンド)
MOODYZ (ムーディーズ)
S1 No.1 Style(エスワン・ナンバーワン・スタイル)
桃太郎映像出版 (ももたろうえいぞうしゅっぱん)
Attackers.Net (アタッカーズ)
アテナ映像 (あてなえいぞう)

発展(はってん) of AV
worth about ¥400 billion per year.
In 1992, over 11 AVs = made every day by over 70 production companies in Tokyo alone.
The AV market was estimated to make up about 30% of Japan's video rentals.
In 1994 , it is estimated between legal and illegal videos
Japan 14000 AVs per year vs United States 2500 AVs per year

歴史(れきし)of AV
several movie studios began producing "pink films,”
(which were to be exclusively viewed in adults-only movie theaters.)
“Pink films” (ピンク映画)
- low-budget
- produced by independent filmmakers
(e.g. 若松孝二,Kōji Wakamatsu)
the major TV studio Nikkatsu (日活株式会社) entered the pink film genre with its higher production values, as to struggle for survival.
Seeking to attract a new audience, Toei (東映アニメーション株式会社) entered the sexploitation market in 1971 with its "Pinky Violence" series.
Other large studios such as Shintoho (新東宝株式会社)get into the big-budget pink film
★In late1970s,
Nikkatsu remained the dominant producer
Nikkatsu's Roman Porno together with pink films by
other companies made up over 70% of the domestic
Japanese film market.

The proliferation of pornographic videos commonly called AV, greatly diminished the market for pornographic movie theaters

The active period of them
=about 2 years on average

AV Actress to celebrity?
It is not rare for a popular AV actress to go on to mainstream celebrity.

E.g. 恵比寿マスカッツ (えびす ますかっつ),
吉沢明步(よしざわ あきほ),
  里美尤里婭 (さとみ ゆりあ)
Girls who attempted to get into the industry
In an English language interview in 2011, AV idol Azusa Maki estimated that more than 10,000 girls attempt to get into the Japanese AV industry each year.

★RECRUITMENT of AV女優(じょゆう)~ by scouts in Tokyo
neighborhoods such as:
Shinjuku (新宿、しんじゅく)
AV actresses make ¥200,000 ~¥4,000,000 per video.

The actresses who act in the AV called
- 女優 (じょゆう)
Common three elements in most pornographic videos:
-female body
-male sexual organ
-male gaze
violence is always involved in Japanese AVs.
e.g. raping, S/M (sadism and masochism) being practiced on women.
Showing the projections of male fantasy and unattainable desires in reality.
The active period of them=about 2 years on average
Japanese AV industry is legalized under certain rules
Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan
Need to blur private parts (mosaic) (including hair, was deemed obscene and unpublishable)
Recently the law relaxed , a part of body is no longer a taboo.

- Mostly opened attitude to sex
- Always depressed and need to be satisfied
- A part of the Japanese Culture --> superior

- High quality and professional of AV actress
- Target group is Male
AV story reflects the destiny of people
- A line of sexual industry (色情業一條龍)

- In 2003, the first AV Culture School was set up
- Promiscuous bathing (男女混浴)
- Sexual content in Art and literature books

Japanese AV = accepted

- Used to have the opened sexual concept of Tang Dynasty
- Male superiority and Female inferiority
Cause male sexual arousal for the purpose
- Satisfied the body = a part of life

Japanese reality is conservative and follow Confucianism(儒學)

1. Student and adult
- Generally opened attitude
- Some may act for money, high reputation or interest
--> Return the house mortgage

2. Office man
- A large extent to promotion
- A chance to increase the rank
Perceptions of different class of people in Japan towards AV

3. Housewife
- Release to the pressure of the marriage life
- Agree to sustain the stability of the society

4. Older generation
- Some do not accept
- A bad impression and image
- A lower status of AV actress

Perceptions of different class of people in Japan towards AV

Traditional concept:

Patriarchy - Similar to Chinese traditional
(e.g. three obediences for female)

Female’s position in Japan Society

Positive - treat them like artists - positive impact in the life of a woman
Negative- look down on them
AV actress’ position in Japan Society
Monetary factor
AV market is a major industry in Japan
worth about ¥400 billion per year
0.002% of Japan's GDP in 2008

Why people engage in AV industry?
~ Producers

Monetary factor
- Provide satisfactory income
- Flexible schedule , more freedom
- AV Grand Prix (AVグランプリ )Premium Offer

Why people engage in AV industry?
~ AV Actress

Want to become more famous
Easier to become artists in the future (take part in acting movie/ TV program/ Spokesperson)
E.g. YOSHIZAWA AKIHO (吉沢明歩) Become film and TV actress

Why people engage in AV industry?
~ AV Actress

Reason for Japanese women to become an AV actress
Proud to contribute to society (Education/ increase GDP)
Special thinking (sex and love can be separate)
Satisfy their needs
Out of curiosity

Why people engage in AV industry?
~ AV Actress
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