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The Globe Construction Company

No description

Mary Cyrille Endriga

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of The Globe Construction Company

The Globe Construction Company
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The Globe Construction Company
Zinnia Kale Malabuyoc
Diane Velasco
Yeah Yale
Nikki Sanchez
Miguel Francisco Miranda
Mary Cyrille Endriga
Peter Marcelino
Point of View
We take the point of view of the top management in resolving the problem of the Globe Construction Company specifically in their operations policies and procedures.
Problem Statement
How will the Globe Construction Company improve efficiency and effectiveness of their operations?
Analysis of Relevant Case Facts
During the 1980s, Philippine economy declined because of the "declining" world market for Philippine exports, and troubles in market and international relations. This problem worsened during Ferdinand Marcos’s regime and the bailing out by government-owned financial institutions of firms owned by those close to the president that encountered financial difficulties.
Industry Environment
Competition became stiffer during the administration of Cory Aquino.
Industry Environment
Government Market
Globe Construction Company has been doing large projects for the government for the past years
Company Analysis
1. To be more competitive in a stiff forcing competition
2. To cope with the changing governmental situation that is happening
3. To have an efficient and effective organizational function

SWOT Analysis
External Environment/Internal Environment
1. Private sector construction projects in the country outnumbered government projects.
2. Increase in competition
Inflation in the prices of construction supplies

1. Modernization leading infrastructures built. (More clients)

2. In demand construction business

3.Calamities. More damages lead to more projects.

ST Strategy
1.Make use of their reputation in the industry to overcome stiff competition.
1.They will use the company’s reputation in convincing current clients to gain more construction projects.
1.Delay in purchasing function
2. Ineffective organizational chart.
3.No clear line of authority.
4.The office of the buyers is distant from the central warehouse.

WT Strategy
1.Restructure to a much more flexible organization to be able to adapt to the demands of the client.
2.Implement work specialization to increase efficiency and productivity

WO Strategy
1.Reconstruct organizational chart to accommodate the needs of increasing demand in construction business.
2.Hire a liaison in order to ensure purchasing orders are attended on time.

1.Private sector construction projects in the country outnumbered government projects.
2.Increase in competition
Inflation in the prices of construction supplies

Reconstruct the organizational chart (see Figure 1) to enable the laborers or employees have a clear line of authority according to the work/task to be done. To be specific, in the reconstructed organizational chart, the Purchasing Department becomes subordinate to the Construction Department. This way, the Construction Department to oversee the Purchasing Department in
Hire a liaison to address problems, if any, regarding stocks
Employ work specialization
Minimize cost overruns
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