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CMIN 301 (Sp '17) T14 - Delivering a Biblical Sermon

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Hartmut Scherer

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of CMIN 301 (Sp '17) T14 - Delivering a Biblical Sermon

Delivering a Biblical Sermon
The Effectiveness of Our Sermons
we say
(life-related biblical content)
we say it
(skillful delivery)
our words
our gestures
our intonation
Levels of Communication
Two Kinds of Speakers
Non-verbal factors matter
dress to be comfortable
-> makes others comfortable
be aware of cultural expectations of your community
Movement and Gestures
should motivate movement
- help listeners experience
what you
Eye Contact
supplies feedback to you
builds trust
move your eyes
proper lighting
- say words
- want to get
ideas out of
their heads
- want to
- strive to get ideas
into our heads
Listeners make judgments about your physical and emotional state
Vocal delivery
Vibration of your voice, its loudness, rate and pitch makes your speech interesting
Don't muffle your sound
your sermon before you deliver it
Some advice
Be aware of physical exhaustion
A monotone, expressionless drawn-out delivery style will hurt communication
Don't imitate other preachers
Avoid anything in the delivery that distracts from the message
should be neat
your speech
- maintain interest and

hold attentio
- put you at ease
Communicate ideas that matter to you
(class activity) pantomime a character
What's hindering the real personality from coming out while we preach?
“Preach accurately, clearly, relevantly, and energetically.” (Donald Sunukjian)
"The medium is the message."
(Marshall McLuhan)
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