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How Do I See the World?

No description

Tammy Cook

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of How Do I See the World?

HOW DO I SEE THE WORLD? When you like a song you hear for the first time,
is your preference based on what the music makes
you feel or about what it makes you think? When you are shopping for a new article of clothing, does your purchase
depend more on color and texture than on construction and style? When you get a new appliance, stereo, or car, are you more apt to use it for a while
and then read the directions, or do you read the directions before you use it? When your car doesn't start, do you lift
the hood and try to make some repairs
or call a gas station? If you were buying a new car, would you be more concerned with how it looked or how it ran? Which is more beautiful to you, a patch of wildflowers
surrounded by wildnerness, or a beautifully tended formal garden? When you go shopping, do you wander around looking at items until you find something to buy, or do you go shopping specifically for an item and shop carefully? If you feel right about a relationship, but the facts tell you that everything is wrong, do you trust your feelings or the facts? If you had $600 put away for spending money to use
during your first year of college, and you found out that you could go to Florida over Spring Break, would you go, knowing that spending the money now would cause hardship later? Do you walk in the rain
just because you like to? Do you trust feelings about people and play hunches about decisions, or do you figure out your moves out analytically? Would you rather wash and
polish the car or rotate the tires? Are you moved by the charisma and dynamism
of a speaker or by the speaker's logic? When you have to speak in front of others, do you go with the flow or prepare carefully? When you decide to ask someone
out, do you plan what you'll say
or just call and see what happens?
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