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Cell Analogy Project

No description

Katherine Glibowski

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy Project

Viewing Soccer through Science By: Katherine Glibowski Cell Analogy Project CELL MEMBRANE soccer field A Cell Membrane acts like a gatekeeper in the cell, and non-needed materials out of the cell. The Cell Membrane is the soccer field because it lets the soccer players inside but not the subbing players or any other person on the field. Soccer Players NUCLEAR MEMBRANE The Nuclear Membrane surrounds and protects the nucleus. The Nuclear Membrane is the soccer players, because they try to protect their own goal against the opponents. Grass on the field CYTOPLASM The Cytoplasm takes up most of the space in the cell. Mostly just water with many structures called organelles. The Cytoplasm is the grass on the soccer field, filling up most of the space on the field. The Nucleus is the structures located near the center of the cell. The goal net is the Nucleus because it is the center of the whole team. It is the center of the game to score. Soccer Ball NUCLEOLUS The Nucleolus is the structure found inside the Nucleus. The Nucleolus is the soccer ball because it is found inside between the two nets. GATORADE MITOCHONDRIA Mitochondria uses oxygen to transform the food to a form where the cell can use it as energy.Mitochondria is Gatorade that they use in the soccer games because the Gatorade helps the players get the energy they need to play the game. Head Coach of USA women's national team The Chromosomes are the genetic structures that contain the information to direct cell activity.The Chromosomes are the coaches in the soccer game. The coaches have the information of the soccer game, and they instruct the players on what they should do. Goal Nets NUCLEUS The Vacuoles are the fluid-filled structure that stores different substances needed by the cell. The Vacuoles are the bench of players. It lets the tired players rest until they get enough energy to play again. Endoplasmic Reticulum produce important products as it serves as a delivery system for the cell. The Endoplasmic Reticulum is the soccer assistants because they help deliver Gatorade to the games for each player. Sometimes the assistants deliver information from the head coach to the players. The Cell Wall protects the inside and the body and does not allow anything out or in. The Cell Wall is the white lines that mark the field because nobody is allowed to go into the field or out without permission. Ribosomes produce important products for the cell. Ribosomes are the fans/audience of the soccer game. They help make enthusiasm and compassion for the players in the game. Bench of players VACUOLES The Golgi Bodies help package products.The Golgi Bodies are the backpacks of the soccer players. They help package important products for the players such as Gatorade. Coach CHROMOSOMES fans/audience RIBOSOMES
soccer backpacks GOLGI BODIES Assistants ENDOPLASMIC
RETICULUM White lines CELL WALL RECYCLING BINS LYSOSOMES Lysosomes are the recycling of a material and to re use. Lysosomes are recycling bins at the field that recycle used material. Katherine Glibowski
Period 7 THE END
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